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What to Do When Moving to Australia

So, you’ve decided that you’re moving to Australia. Congratulations, or as they say down under, ‘half your luck!’. (People believe this comes from the sentiment of, ‘I wish I had half your luck’, or ‘lucky you’). When preparing for a move to Australia there’s a lot you’ll need to do and learn, some of it before your flight even leaves the airport. Here are some tips for getting started on your big adventure.

Get Your Visa

Australia is an expensive place to live, so you’ll need to get a job. Get your working holiday visa before you even board your flight, as living in Australia isn’t cheap, particularly if you want to live in a big city like Sydney or Melbourne.

Sort Out Your Finances & Set A Budget

You’ll want to arrive with at least around AU$5,000 (About $3500-$4000 USD) to help you muddle through a couple of months without a job, just in case. You’ll need as much as a month’s deposit and monthly payments in advance for many short-medium term rental properties. Contact your bank at home before you leave to make sure they know you’ll be in Australia, and don’t cancel or freeze your bank account and/or credit cards because of ‘suspicious’ spending on the other side of the world. You’ll also need to plan to have various personal items shipped to your new home.


The following are basic items you’ll want to have readily accessible for your move: prescriptions for any medications you’ll need (and remember to declare any medication you have packed when you arrive at the airport), prescriptions for glasses/contact lenses, professional and landlord reference letters, your passport, e-visa/copy of e-visa acceptance email, tax information, birth certificate, marriage license, and confirmation printouts for where you’ll be staying upon landing.

Finding Work

For those who plan on getting their two-year work visa for Australia, you’ll want to get your required three months of regional work completed ASAP. Regional work is a job performed in a specific area of Australia, and usually involves fruit picking, farm work, or horticultural work. These jobs are relatively easy to find and The Visa Bureau of Australia maintains lists of agencies, orchards, and farms that will qualify as ‘rural’ Australian work and count towards your regional work. Be sure to verify that your work qualifies and get it out of the way to ensure you can continue working in Australia. Many people who have completed their Regional Work Requirement recommend completing farm working during the cooler months to keep comfortable.

When You Start Working

When working on your holiday Visa you must make sure the person employing you has registered as a working holidaymaker employer. This will ensure you are taxed the correct amount. Keep in mind that when you are working on a holiday visa, the longest you’ll be permitted to work with any employer is for six months. For those who want to work in a restaurant or bar that serves libations, you’ll need to obtain a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate which can be obtained by taking an online course based on the state in which you plan on working, and paying a fee of approximately $50. Remember to keep all your records of work and payslips while you’re in Australia.

Getting the Right Accommodations

Most apartments in Australia come without furniture, but you can filter your search to find a place that is furnished with appliances and furniture, unfurnished with appliances but no furniture, or completely unfurnished and without appliances. Furnished apartments will cost more, so prepare to budget for this expense. To find cheap, used, furniture check out Australia’s number one classified site, Gumtree. Since it can get hot in the summer, you’ll want to make sure your apartment has air conditioning, as temperatures can reach a whopping 42 degrees Celsius.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Expert

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Moving to California from Canada: What You Need to Know

California has been the subject of songs, books and movies. Its climate, its landscape, its food and its lifestyle have attracted people from the 1500s. Canadians are no exception.
If you’re considering making the move to the Golden State, there are a number of things you’ll need to keep in mind before the big move. Read on to learn what you should know before moving from Canada to California.

Decide What You’re Taking with and What Stays Behind

Moving can be an expensive proposition. That’s why from the point you decide to move, you need to take a careful look at your stuff. Start asking yourself if it’s worth it to ship some of these items.
While not everything that’s available here is sold Stateside (think Kinder Eggs), you can replace many belongings fairly easily. And when it comes to clothes, your Californian wardrobe will depend upon where you move. As the state is quite large, there’s more than one climate. What makes sense to wear in LA might not be warm enough for San Francisco.

Have Your Paperwork in Order

In the US, you can’t get anything done without a social security number (SSN). Once you have an SSN, you can apply for jobs, get a bank account, a credit card, a cell phone, and a work visa. That should be one of the first things you do.

Once you have a credit card, you can start building a credit history. Many apartment buildings require a good credit history, so keep that in mind when you’re hunting for a home.

Be Medication-Savvy

We Canadians enjoy mocking the Canadian healthcare system. However, if you move there, the shoe is on the other foot.

Make sure to take a supply of medications if you’re on any. Also, be aware that some medications aren’t sold in the US, and if they are, they might be under a different name. Talk to your doctor about what other treatment options are available south of the border.

Think Carefully about Importing Your Car

It’s much easier to get your car imported at the US border than waiting until after you get settled in. However, if you choose not to do it at the border, you have a year to do so.
There have been people who have reported problems because they hadn’t paid off their car loan before moving, or they leased their car. Do your research before you move.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Experts

If you’re considering moving to California, contact Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. We have been moving people across the world for over a decade. Some of our customers love us so much, they’ve used us more than once. What makes Orbit different? We treat our customers with courtesy and professionalism. No question is too small for our customer service representatives, and our moving crew shows up on time to do the job right. To learn more, call us at 416-661-4228.

By Adi Shaked

Why Move to Egypt?

Egypt has long been the cultural hub of the Arab world. It is a vibrant country that presents opportunities for professionals seeking employment and new experiences.
While many people might not consider Egypt as a destination for professional growth and development, there are many appealing aspects about the country that draw individuals. Read on to learn more about why you should think about moving to Egypt.

What Kinds of Employment Opportunities Does Egypt Offer?

Although Egypt might not have the same kind of job market for expatriates that other Arab countries possess (such as the Gulf states), there are some jobs available for foreigners.
One popular occupation for expatriates is to teach English. You can find those positions at English language schools as well as private schools. Employees of non-governmental organizations are also fairly prevalent in Egypt.

The petroleum export sector as well as the media is other popular employment avenues for foreigners in Egypt. Egypt’s IT industry is rapidly growing, so that might be a consideration if you’re in that field.

What Kinds of Accommodation Are Available?

Expats have a range of accommodation available to them. It’s important to know that most foreigners live in Cairo, and within Cairo, they’re concentrated in certain neighbourhoods. Depending on your needs, you can find something as small as an apartment or as large as a villa. Your fellow expats can help you find the best real estate agent so that your living experience in Egypt will be enjoyable.

What Kinds of Educational Institutions Exist in Egypt for Expat Kids?

If you’ve got kids and are looking for schools for them, you can feel reassured that Egypt boasts a number of international schools. As Cairo is the biggest city in Egypt, the international schools are concentrated there. Students have the option of continuing the curriculum of their home country at these schools, so when they return, they won’t feel left behind or out of place.

What’s Egyptian Culture Like?

Egyptians can be very warm and friendly people. They’re eager to help foreigners get to know their country. One of the advantages of living in Egypt is that it’s less restrictive for women than other Arab countries. While women may experience harassment, they won’t be subject to the same stringent dress codes that would apply in places like Saudi Arabia or Kuwait.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Experts

If you’re considering moving to Egypt, contact Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. today. We have over a decade of experience moving people across the world. In fact, some of our customers like us so much, they’ve used us more than once! Why do our customers come back? They appreciate our courteous, professional approach. Our customer service representatives answer all questions, and our moving crew shows up on time with all of the equipment and materials they need to get the job done right, the first time. To learn more about what makes Orbit different, contact us.

By Adi Shaked

Why Move to Australia?

When people think of Australia, they imagine a large, remote island populated by kangaroos, koalas, and people who talk about throwing shrimp on the barbie. While Australia has had its fair share of fun poked at it, there are actually a number of fantastic reasons to move to the Land Down Under.
Australia is vibrant, modern and its residents have a great quality of life. Read on to learn why you should consider moving to Australia.

The Economy
Australia’s economy is quite robust. Unemployment is low. In many parts of Australia, there is a fair amount of casual work (part-time and temporary positions), which is especially great for young adults without a great deal of professional experience.
Moreover, because the minimum wage is so high, even casual jobs can earn you more money than what you were making back home. Which means you can enjoy…

The Great Outdoors
Since Australia’s an island, there are miles and miles of beaches. The vast majority of Australians live on the coast, so you’re never far from a beach.
Don’t like sand? Don’t worry. There’s still plenty to do here. You can visit rainforests, deserts and even take advantage of skiing.

The Amazing Weather
It helps that Australia has pretty fantastic weather so that you can enjoy its natural beauty.
Because Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, its seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere. When it’s winter in Canada, it’s summer. However, the winters in Australia are quite mild. Temperatures generally don’t drop below 15 degrees Celsius. So, pack a sweater, but leave the parka behind.

A Multicultural Society…
Over the past few decades, Australia has embraced immigrants with open arms. The society is now quite multicultural – nearly half of Australians were either born overseas or have a parent who was born overseas.

For many Canadians, who are accustomed to being part of a multicultural society, being in Australia won’t feel so different.

…That Still Speaks English
While there are many languages spoken in Australia, the native language is still English. That means that you don’t need to learn a new language in order to go about your day-to-day life.
You will need to learn some slang, though. Australians (or, as they call themselves, “Ozzies”) have their own spin on English. So, while you’ll be able to have a conversation with an Ozzie, you might have to occasionally ask them what they’re talking about.

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5 More Reasons to Move to Dubai

In August, we published a blog post about five reasons to move to Dubai. We realized those weren’t enough – we’ve come up with five more.
In case you weren’t convinced by the first blog post, read on to discover five more reasons to move to the vibrant, modern-yet-steeped-in-tradition country of Dubai.

Reason 1: The Economy
Dubai’s economy has experienced steady growth that might not dazzle, but it is sustainable. The country’s leadership has chosen to diversify so Dubai isn’t so reliant upon oil.
This economic growth means there are jobs for highly qualified, trained professionals who can move Dubai’s economy further forward. And as we mentioned in the last blog post, you won’t pay taxes on your earnings.

Reason 2: Low Crime
Dubai ranks as one of the safest cities in the world. Its crime rate is the envy of other major cities thanks to strictly enforced laws and a well-respected police force.
Women can feel safe walking the streets at night – how many other cities in North America and around the world does that statement apply to?

Reason 3: A Tightknit Expatriate Community
Dubai attracts many workers from around the world (including from Canada). Because everyone is far from home and most expatriates don’t speak Arabic, a tightknit community has developed.
The expatriate community frequently runs events for newcomers and old timers alike, giving people a chance to get to know each other. It makes being in a new place (even one as nice as Dubai) less lonely.

Reason 4: Excellent Healthcare
Many people still operate under the (erroneous) assumption that the Middle East is backwards and old-fashioned. “I wouldn’t want to get sick there,” you’ll hear. “I wouldn’t trust the doctors or hospitals.”
That’s not true in Dubai. Thanks to government investment, highly trained doctors and nurses treat patients in state-of-the-art facilities. Many employers offer to pay for private health insurance so their employees get the best care.

Reason 5: High Quality Education for School-Aged Children
If you’ve got a family and your children are old enough to be in school, one of the biggest concerns about moving is their education. “How good are the schools?” parents fret. “Will our children be able to keep up with their peers when they come home?”
That’s not a worry you’ll have in Dubai. There are British and American-run private schools for international students that provide excellent education, no matter what class your child is in. As with health insurance, many employers will pay for your children’s education in order to attract the best employees.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Experts
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Three of the Most Popular Destinations for Canadian Expats

At the beginning of the 21st century, 1.1 million people born in Canada lived in other OECD countries. People typically move from Canada for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s because they find a better job. Other times, it’s because they want to make a significant change in their lives, and moving to a different country presents exactly the opportunity they’re seeking. Canadians tend to move to certain countries more than others, however. Read on to learn three of the most popular destinations for Canadian expats.

The US

Many Canadians choose to move south of the border. Some move for the climate, while others move because they received better job offers

There are quite a few Canadians living in Silicon Valley, the high-tech hub in northern California. They generally have the skills and knowledge to contribute to start-up companies. Another advantage is that the weather is fairly mild, and there are many outdoors activities in which to participate.

New York is another popular destination for Canadian expats. There are jobs in a number of sectors there, too. Of course, it’s one of the largest cities in the world, so there is no shortage of entertainment, dining, and leisure activities.

The UK

Moving across the pond is another popular choice for Canadians. Much like the US, the UK can sometimes provide greater economic opportunities (especially in the finance industry). London attracts quite a few Canadians, because it is the economic powerhouse of the country.

The UK is also a gateway to the rest of Europe for many Canadians. They can easily visit or work in other countries within the European Union. And while it’s far from home, it’s still more accessible to many parts of Canada than other English-speaking countries such as Australia or New Zealand.


Approximately 20,000 Canadians live in Israel. What does this tiny nation in the Middle East offer to Canadian expatriates?

Jewish Canadians move to Israel because they feel a connection to the Jewish homeland. They want to live in the land of their biblical ancestors. However, Israel is more than a historical relic. It is a modern, vibrant country. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa are all home to high-tech start-up companies.

Israel might be small – you can travel the length and breadth of it in less than a full day. However, how many other countries can boast deserts, forests, beaches and cities in such a small space?

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Experts

Are you planning on moving abroad? Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. has over a decade of experience moving customers across the world. Some of our clients have been so satisfied, they’ve used us more than once! What makes Orbit different than other international moving companies? Customer service is our first priority. Our employees answer any question, no matter how small. When our movers arrive at your home, they show up on time with all of the equipment they need to get the job done properly. Let us help you with your international move. For more information, call 416-661-4228 now.

By Adi Shaked

Popular Spots for Expats Abroad

Popular Spots for Expats Abroad

Expatriates, or expats for short, are people who have chosen to live abroad for personal or professional reasons. You can find expats virtually everywhere in the world. However, some places are more popular for expats than others. Read on to learn where the most popular spots are for expats.

 The United Kingdom

One of the most popular global destinations for expats is the United Kingdom. There are a number of reasons people undergo an international move to the UK, including work and personal reasons.

When it comes to moving to the UK, most people’s ideal place to live is London. London is one of Europe’s (if not the world’s) centers for the financial industry and commercial sector. But the city isn’t all work and no play. London has been home to a vibrant arts and entertainment scene for centuries (The Globe Theater served as the stage for Shakespeare’s plays). So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that London attracts so many people from all over the world – it has a huge population of expats.


France is another destination that draws many expats. Again, there are many professional opportunities for expats, although many simply wish to experience the allure of the country.

Paris, like London, is a commercial center. If you speak French well, you have a much better chance of finding a job. People also move to Paris because of its historical and cultural reputation. While Paris might be the first place people think of in France, it isn’t the only place in France people move to, though. The French countryside also entices expats because of its beauty and desirable way of life.


Over the past decade or so, thousands of expats have flocked to the tiny Emirate of Dubai. Unlike the UK or France, people who move to Dubai from other countries come there for work. There are so many expats in Dubai that they actually outnumber native born Emiratis.

Jobs are only part of the reason so many expats have moved to Dubai. Many foreign white collar workers enjoy a significantly higher standard of living than they would at home – they live in beautiful homes or apartments, and many families can afford a full-time, live-in maid and gardener.

Because there are so many expats living in Dubai, it’s quite easy to meet people who speak your language and share your background. There are many opportunities to meet other expats, as they gather at clubs and social groups frequently. Don’t forget about the beautiful weather almost all year long and the kilometers of coastline!

 Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Experts

If you’re considering becoming an expat, it doesn’t matter where you’re moving to – you will need experts in international moving. Contact Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. For over a decade, we’ve been moving people across the world, including some of the top destinations for expats. What sets us apart from the competition? Our customer service makes us stand out from the rest. In fact, our clients have been so satisfied, some of them have used us more than once. Find out more about what makes Orbit different by calling us today at 416-661-4228.

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Why You Won’t Find Celebrities Working at Orbit International Moving

Why You Won’t Find Celebrities Working at Orbit International MovingEvery day, we are constantly bombarded with images of celebrities on the covers of magazines and on websites all over the web. Here’s where you won’t find them though: at Orbit International Moving.

Here’s a list of reasons why we don’t have celebrities working for us:

  1. They take too many selfies. Kim Kardashian is one example of a celebrity who has elevated selfie-taking into an art form. In fact, she recently published a book full of selfies of herself. At Orbit, our employees are too busy working to spend time taking selfies. Their number one priority is your customer satisfaction. They work hard to make sure that the job is done correctly the first time.
  2. They spend too much time on the phone making plans to hang out. How many times have you seen a picture of a celebrity walking and talking on a cell phone? It’s a pretty common occurrence. At Orbit, our employees are focused on doing their jobs and delivering excellent customer service to our clients. When they’re on the phone, it’s all business.
  3. They spend a lot of time on social media. If you follow any celebrity accounts on Twitter or Instagram, you know how often stars post to social media. It’s a lot. You would think that they spend all day on social media. Our hardworking employees don’t spend their day posting pictures of their lunches to Instagram. You’ll find them getting work done, instead.
  4. They’re always at fashion shows. It seems like there are fashion shows taking place all the time, and whenever you look at coverage of these events, celebrities are in the front row. You’ll never see an Orbit employee at a fashion show, because their priority is providing the best customer service in the moving business.
  5. They spend a lot of time going to parties. How many times have you looked at photos of celebrities at parties? It seems like that’s all they do. While celebrities are off partying, Orbit employees are working hard to make sure your shipment gets to where it needs to be.
  6. They’re always at award shows. In Hollywood, New York, Paris, London and other places that celebrities hang out, award shows are frequent events. You won’t find Orbit employees there, even though their hard work deserves recognition. Orbit employees aren’t interested in the spotlight. They want to help customers through every step of the moving process.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd: Your Trusted Source for Experienced Movers

For over a decade, Orbit International Moving has been helping customers move internationally with dependable professional moving expertise. We know that international moving can be a difficult, stressful process. That’s why our employees are with you every step of the way.

Orbit International Moving staffers will answer any question you might have. They are courteous, professional and genuinely care about providing the best possible customer service. That might not propel them to stardom, but it does mean that your shipment will be handled with care. Call Orbit International Moving and Logistics Ltd. today at 416-661-4228 to find out more.


Can a mover reject a move?

Can a mover reject a move?


Normally movers will do anything to take on any move. However, there are several situations were a mover will decide not to take on a move.

During the summer months, all moving companies are extremely over worked. This is due to the fact that most people prefer to move during the summer. Due to that face, all moving companies hire temp workers to help with the work load.

This is a normal and acceptable practice. However, with some side notes:

  • The company need to make sure that the temps are well trained and know what they need to do
  • The moving company need to have the right composition on the crew of full timers and temps.


Some companies get tempted to take on more work then what they chew. Later, they would sort what jobs they want to keep and what jobs they want to disregard – depending on the profitability. By doing so, some clients are left without a mover.

It would be a responsible practice on the side of the international mover to know it’s limits and to only book jobs that they know they can accommodate and not leave a client high and dry on the last moment.

International relocation

Important steps:


The movers will give you a relocation checklist.

Relocation package examples are given our through our
relocation center.

We also work with head hunters that assist with relocation
jobs. They have a  relocation salary calculator.

The Relocation policy is always given by the relocation
specialist at the time of the moving survey or the move out day.



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