Moving to USA Freight Trucking


Products of endangered species (i.e. ivory, animal hides, etc.), plant and animal products (i.e. perishable foodstuffs), narcotics, drugs without prescriptions, automobiles that do not meet US safety and emission standards, and flammable materials. The importation of firearms is highly restricted in the U.S. Please contact our agent prior to shipping.
The shipping of alcoholic beverages and food is highly discouraged because of the Bioterrorism Act of 2002. When either is included in a household goods shipment the transferee must provide authorities (Food and Drug Administration) advance notice by completing a Prior Notice.


Household Goods and Personal effects

Used household goods are admitted duty free if they have been in the owner’s possession for 12 months prior to importation to the U.S.A.  Items purchased abroad within the last twelve months are considered dutiable.
U.S. Customs will not allow clearance of household goods prior to owner’s arrival date.

Documents required

  • Completed and signed U.S. Customs form 3299 and Supplemental.
  • Signed U.S. Customs Power of Attorney.
  • Inventory in English.
  • Photocopies of passport photo page.
  • Copies of original ocean bill of lading or air waybill.
  • Photocopy of Visa

Additional Requirements for Returning Residents

  • Social Security Number
  • Birth date
  • Passport Number
  • Foreign Address.

Additional Requirements for Non-residents & People Immigrating

  • Passport Number
  • Visa Number
  • Type of Visa (Working Visa, Student Visa; or other)
  • Country of Issuance
  • Date of Issuance
  • Date of Expiration
  • I-94 Form (If applicable)


The shipping of alcoholic beverages is highly discouraged. When included in a household goods shipment the transferee must provide authorities (Food and Drug Administration) advance notice by completing a Prior Notice.

The following information is needed:

  • Number of Bottles/Cans
  • Type
  • Common Name
  • Manufacturer & Address
  • Volume per Bottle/Can
  • Vintage of Wine
  • Alcohol Content
  • Value Per Bottle

Documents required

  • Statement signed by importer stating either, “For personal use – not for resale,” or “For resale.”
  • Supplier’s invoice showing description, value and circa date.
  • Detailed packing list – Must be able to match items on invoice with packing list.


Owner bringing in firearms previously exported must have proof of purchase and export from the U.S. If not, do not include firearms in the shipment, as it will delay the entire shipment. A permit obtained 6 weeks in advance is required from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.


Vehicles are subject to duty and state taxes unless they were previously exported from the U.S. provided that the transferee has proof of exportation and/or proof auto was originally manufactured and sold in the U.S. Vehicles being imported must conform to U.S. safety and emissions regulations although vehicles over 25 years old may be excluded from the regulations. All autos must undergo testing for compliance. Vehicles which do not pass emissions testing will be taken to approved sites for modifications at the owner’s expense. The cost to have the car brought up to standards after importation is exorbitant and additionally there will be bond fees or cash deposit.

The following documentation is required in order to have your vehicle imported and registered for use in the United States.

  • The CBP form 7501 is a summary of the article that you have requested free entry for.
  • For your convenience, We also provide an instruction sheet which will assist you to complete the 7501 form.
  • The HS7 form is required for compliance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • The 3520-1 form is a declaration that your vehicle meets with the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations regarding emissions and testing.

If you would like some further information regarding importation of vehicles into the United States, you can find it here

Please check with us for exact regulations before sending a particular automobile to the United States.

Inherited Goods

*         A copy of the death certificate must be provided.

*         Inventory.

*         Cost of each item.


Dogs and cats are not required to stay in quarantine when they enter the US. except for Hawaii where there is a six month quarantine requirement.  All pets must have a valid health certificate from a veterinary surgeon and have proof of vaccination against rabies.  Some birds are required to stay in quarantine so check with our agent in advance.  Animals should be declared as “pets” having no commercial value.

Important: This information is intended for general guidance. Orbit International Logistics LTD.  cannot however take responsibility for any errors or omissions or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use.  As such it is advisable to contact the nearest US customs office for full and current information prior to importation.

Moving to USA

 When moving from Canada to USA it is very important to choose the best overseas moving company. Orbit International Moving Logistics is the best international moving company in Canada. With our extensive experience with international relocations to USA, Orbit International Moving Logistics can offer you and your family, valuable insights about you’re moving to USA and finding the right international relocation companies and choosing the best international moving service overseas moving companies. We have listed below helpful ideas and tips that can help you plan you’re moving to USA. Shall you prefer to talk with an International moving consultant, please call (416) 661-4228.

Moving to the USA From Canada

Moving from Toronto to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a sunny haven, where celebrities can be spotted down a crowded street and extravagant homes dwell in hot neighbourhoods. If you’re moving to LA from Canada with your dog, you’ll find that you’ll be welcomed with open arms. LA has daycare and boarding facilities, parks, beaches, and shopping centres that cater to dogs and encourage their presence.

As pleasant as this destination is, moving from Toronto to Los Angeles will be a cultural shock, which is why Orbit facilitates the move as well as the setup at your destination. Our trusted destination partners will deliver your belongings in its original condition and place them in their respective rooms. We even remove the packing materials for you so you can get straight to placing your possessions in your new home.

Orbit International Moving Logistics has an efficient, experienced team of movers. We designate a coordinator to all of our clients to keep you informed on the status and location of your belongings. Consider getting moving insurance, even when using an experienced and qualified mover, like Orbit, because accidents happen. Our professional movers do everything to minimize your shipping cost from Toronto to Los Angeles, while ensuring you get quality service.

Moving to Florida from Canada

You may be moving to New York due to a job opportunity or because the city is chockfull of attractions to satisfy your every mood. With the abundance of Broadway shows, trendy restaurants, and quality shopping, you will never be bored. But before you start planning your sightseeing, you need to move there first. Every move has a long list of tasks to complete, from setting up a bank account and credit card to ensuring your kids have securely packed their belongings. That’s why it’s important to make a moving checklist for NYC so you can stay on top of everything. Orbit professionals are available to handle the packing, transporting, and unpacking to help you focus on what’s important.

Remember to ask your moving company about items you cannot pack and articles that can cause your shipment to be delayed, whether you’re moving to NYC from Toronto or within Toronto itself. By working with our professional movers, you’re doing your utmost to safeguard against any issues. Moving to NYC from Canada is a big step, but you’re not alone during this process when you choose Orbit International Moving Logistics.

Moving from Toronto to California

California has a lot to offer, such as the biggest public university system in the country and many expansive green spaces for all kinds of sports and activities. Moving to California will certainly be good for your health and personal growth. You may need a guide to moving to San Francisco with its high cost of living, but the city offers many tech positions to support you and your family. In the meantime, the moving experts at Orbit will be your guides to moving from Toronto to California. We guarantee our trained staff meets rigorous standards before serving our clients. We also have a reputation for being on time and on budget, with the goal of providing you with the best service for shipping from California to Toronto.

Through thorough logistical planning, Orbit movers are reliable and always prepared with the right trucks, the right equipment, and the right packing materials. We ensure that you will receive quality shipping from Canada to California—on time and intact, whether it’s by land or air freight. As you’re moving from San Francisco from Toronto, Orbit is there for you to get settled in as you begin this new chapter in your life.

Moving to Florida from Canada

As one of the top moving companies from Toronto to Florida, Orbit professionals help you get organized with a pre-move survey of goods to be shipped and a binding estimate of your moving cost. We respect a homeowner’s decision to pack their own belongings, but we offer the service using efficient and secure means. Moving to Florida from Canada involves many changes, including humid weather and some peculiar by-laws, so to make the move to the Sunshine State easier, we provide friendly service and various shipping methods for your convenience.

Moving and Shipping to Texas from California

A local move is nothing compared to moving to another country. Moving to Texas from Canada means adjusting to a completely different culture and environment, one that embraces TexMex, rodeos and The Alamo. We know that you have everything to think about for yourself and for your family, from finances to medical necessities to schools. Our sophisticated tagging system ensures that your possessions undergo smooth shipping from Toronto to Texas, arriving at their destination. Orbit’s expert movers are with you every step of the way for a stress-free move and can offer advice for your moving preparations.

The Best Overseas Moving Companies

There are many overseas moving companies who claim to be the best mover and best relocation company in the country. Of course this cannot be true because then, all the international shipping companies would be the best.

To help determine which overseas moving company is right for you, Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd has gathered some vital points for you to consider.

  1. The best tip – a recommendation from a friend.
  2. Research the overseas moving companies you are considering. Check if they are licensed to export and import.
  3. Make sure that you are performing an equal comparison between the quotes of the various companies. You compare international relocation rates from the overseas moving companies based on shipping an equal volume of goods and contracting the same exact shipping service on the same dates. Pay special attention to the “EXCLUDES” of each quote to insure that you are not overlooking any hidden fees.
  4. Check the overseas moving company’s referrals and reputation. Ask each company for testimonials from past clients. A reputable overseas moving company should have some for you to review.
  5. Visit the physical office of the overseas moving company you are considering. Never trust an international moving company without a physical address!. In this day and age anyone can have an office in their basement.
  6. Make sure that the overseas shipping company you choose has reputable overseas forwarding agents who can assist you in the same manner that you are getting from the company moving you from Canada.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd was established by 2 long time family friends who had experienced moves with mixes results. However, none have satisfied the quality of service needed during such an emotional and straining event. We have extensive experience relocating customers worldwide by Ocean Freight, land freight trucking and Air Cargo as we are an international shipper. Our rates are always All-inclusive. What sets us apart is the level of service we offer our customers.  We provide free, no-obligation estimates, listen to your concerns, and find the solutions best suited to meeting your removal and relocation needs – whether you’re moving your family.(i.e. door-to-door, door to port, full containers, RO-RO, custom crates, etc.) We offer free consultations with one of our relocation specialist and assist you in planning moving to USA and choosing the right overseas moving services. USA agent –