So, you’ve decided that you’re moving to Australia. Congratulations, or as they say down under, ‘half your luck!’. (People believe this comes from the sentiment of, ‘I wish I had half your luck’, or ‘lucky you’). When preparing for a move to Australia there’s a lot you’ll need to do and learn, some of it before your flight even leaves the airport. Here are some tips for getting started on your big adventure.

Get Your Visa

Australia is an expensive place to live, so you’ll need to get a job. Get your working holiday visa before you even board your flight, as living in Australia isn’t cheap, particularly if you want to live in a big city like Sydney or Melbourne.

Sort Out Your Finances & Set A Budget

You’ll want to arrive with at least around AU$5,000 (About $3500-$4000 USD) to help you muddle through a couple of months without a job, just in case. You’ll need as much as a month’s deposit and monthly payments in advance for many short-medium term rental properties. Contact your bank at home before you leave to make sure they know you’ll be in Australia, and don’t cancel or freeze your bank account and/or credit cards because of ‘suspicious’ spending on the other side of the world. You’ll also need to plan to have various personal items shipped to your new home.


The following are basic items you’ll want to have readily accessible for your move: prescriptions for any medications you’ll need (and remember to declare any medication you have packed when you arrive at the airport), prescriptions for glasses/contact lenses, professional and landlord reference letters, your passport, e-visa/copy of e-visa acceptance email, tax information, birth certificate, marriage license, and confirmation printouts for where you’ll be staying upon landing.

Finding Work

For those who plan on getting their two-year work visa for Australia, you’ll want to get your required three months of regional work completed ASAP. Regional work is a job performed in a specific area of Australia, and usually involves fruit picking, farm work, or horticultural work. These jobs are relatively easy to find and The Visa Bureau of Australia maintains lists of agencies, orchards, and farms that will qualify as ‘rural’ Australian work and count towards your regional work. Be sure to verify that your work qualifies and get it out of the way to ensure you can continue working in Australia. Many people who have completed their Regional Work Requirement recommend completing farm working during the cooler months to keep comfortable.

When You Start Working

When working on your holiday Visa you must make sure the person employing you has registered as a working holidaymaker employer. This will ensure you are taxed the correct amount. Keep in mind that when you are working on a holiday visa, the longest you’ll be permitted to work with any employer is for six months. For those who want to work in a restaurant or bar that serves libations, you’ll need to obtain a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate which can be obtained by taking an online course based on the state in which you plan on working, and paying a fee of approximately $50. Remember to keep all your records of work and payslips while you’re in Australia.

Getting the Right Accommodations

Most apartments in Australia come without furniture, but you can filter your search to find a place that is furnished with appliances and furniture, unfurnished with appliances but no furniture, or completely unfurnished and without appliances. Furnished apartments will cost more, so prepare to budget for this expense. To find cheap, used, furniture check out Australia’s number one classified site, Gumtree. Since it can get hot in the summer, you’ll want to make sure your apartment has air conditioning, as temperatures can reach a whopping 42 degrees Celsius.

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