Bonded Storage

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Bonded storage is needed when a shipment arrives into Canada and does not clear customs at the 1st port of entry at the time of arrival. When you import your personal effects, your shipment arrives into Canada and needs to be kept “in bond” until we can clear it with you.

Orbit offers convenient, economical and secure storage solutions for shipments arriving into Canada or just moving through Canada. We can store your household belongings and vehicles. Our storage facilities are fireproof and fully alarmed.

For customers arriving from abroad, this option allows you to keep your goods in a Canadian warehouse for a relatively short period of time until custom formalities are completed for your shipment. Then we can deliver them to you or transfer them to our regular storage facilities.


One additional advantage of having a bonded warehouse would be
that we can accept new items purchased into our warehouse. when you purchase
these items, you do not have to pay taxes on them.

Officer, George Fortier, from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
1-800-959-8287 has ruled according to ‘memorandum 4.5.2’ specifically paragraph

that goods that are being shipped out of Canada and are delivered to the
exporting warehouse are to be exempt from HST.

Please read this memorandum for your reference.

At completion of relocation and at your request, we will supply
you with a copy of our Export “Bill of Lading” as proof of exportation from

If you are delivering to our warehouse:

Make an appointment

Identify your name on the delivered items.

Arrive with delivery documents indicating what you are delivering

  • Deliver to:
  • Orbit International Moving Logistics LTD
  • 212 Dolomite Drive
    Toronto, Ontario M3J 2N2- Canada
    T: (416) 661-4228,
    F:(416) 661-8228

Shall you require any further information, please do not hesitate
to call us.