Terms and Conditions

  1. This contract represents the complete agreement and cancels any previous oral or written contracts or representations by Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. (“Orbit”), its employees, managers, or agents.
  1. Private Information Consent: I understand that to ship my household goods, I will need to disclose or provide my (or my family’s) personal information and documentation to both private and government agencies. I realize and understand that Orbit will submit this personally identifiable information (PII) only to government agencies and contractual service partners who have a legitimate need for my information and hereby consent to the exchange of my PII for the sole purpose of my relocation.
  1. Any and all disputes will be handled solely in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  1. Rates are based on an average of 6 – 7 lbs. per cubic foot (CUF).
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  1.     Payment structure:
  1. 25% of quoted price is due at signing; 75% of quoted price (plus any added charges such as insurance premiums) due before shipping. Shipment will not depart from country of origin until account is settled.
  2. For shipments, which require storage at Origin:
    • 25% of quoted price due at signing
    • 25% due before pickup.
    • Balance due prior to shipping.
    • Storage will be billed monthly (on monthly basis) and will need to be paid in full at the time of issuance.
  3. A 3.5% late payment penalty applies on balances five (5) days overdue or more. Returned cheques are considered late payments.
  4. Agents:

           i. FIDI Agents: As per FIDI Terms and Conditions

          ii. Non FIDI Agents: Payment must be received before shipment is delivered.

  1. Cancellation Policy:
  1. Cancellation within 5 – 29 days of signing prior to move date: 10% of total contract will be charged.
  2. Cancellation within 10 – 28 days prior to move date: 15% of total contract will be charged.
  3. Cancellation within 3 – 9 days prior to move date:  25% of total contract will be charged.
  4. Cancellation within 0 – 2 days prior to move date: 30% of total contract will be charged.
  1. Transit Time: Any commitment of transit time is non-binding. Transit time is estimated and begins once final payment is received by Orbit. Orbit is not responsible for any delays caused by the carrier schedules, overbooking, technical difficulties in equipment or vehicles, strikes, port authorities, labour problems at origin and destination, and/or any other problems beyond our control. Consolidated (Shared) / Groupage shipments are typically the most economical method to ship your goods. This method is based on combining several shipments in a single shipping container to reduce the cost of the move. We try to provide a realistic transit timeline. However, the transit time cannot be guaranteed as it is dependent on having a full container prior to forwarding. Orbit can provide alternative methods of forwarding your shipment, should you require a faster/more accurate shipping timeline.
  1. Customs regulations, restrictions and compliance:
  1. While we strive to provide accurate information and guidance about customs clearance at the destination country, we cannot guarantee an exemption from duties and taxes or bear responsibility for assuring your compliance with all rules and regulations.
  2. Orbit’s ability to manage customs clearance depends on the timely provision to us and/or our destination partner(s) of all information and documentation required to satisfy customs regulations in your chosen destination country.  We do not guarantee exemptions from duties and taxes as these are granted by destination countries in accordance with their specific rules and practices and your individual circumstances/immigration status at origin and destination.
  3. Generally, shippers and consignees must possess legal residency status at origin and/or destination in order to ship and clear goods; furthermore, customs and immigration policies and procedures can change without notice. While Orbit will prepare a standard shipping inventory and bill of lading, it is incumbent upon clients to provide any supplementary documentation required for customs clearance that cannot reasonably be produced by Orbit or its agents as part of the standard freight forwarding process.  Examples of such documents include visas, residency registration papers and ID cards.
  4. Some countries’ requirements, such as, but not limited to, South America, Bangladesh, Serbia, Vietnam, Belarus, Senegal, are designed in a way that they would be able to find a mistake and therefore create extra fees. An example of this would be countries, which require a detailed inventory of every single item in every box. Orbit is only able to provide a basic inventory list. We can try to accommodate for a more comprehensive list, at an added cost, However, Orbit cannot be responsible if the destination authorities “Find” items, which were not indicated on the inventory list and as a result, will charge fees.
  5. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that no items designated as prohibited for import to the destination country are included in their shipment.
  1. Access:
  1. Parking located within close proximity to the pickup and delivery addresses must be made available for the moving truck / van / container at the time of the move to avoid long carry, shuttle, fines, parking or additional fees.
  2. If legal parking is not available for moving equipment and staff at the time of the move, any fines or tickets will be passed on to the client. This is also applicable if the client lives in a building and the building’s staff give incorrect parking instructions.
  3. Shuttle (Small Truck) service is required when a container cannot be taken directly to the origin or destination address due to access issues (timing, narrow roads, traffic restrictions, lack of suitable parking, etc.).  In such cases, cargo must be shuttled—loaded into and/or unloaded from the container at a secondary site (usually the origin or destination agent’s warehouse).  This service involves additional labor and transportation not required in a direct load/unload situation, which is the assumed scenario in cases where no address has been provided at the time of quoting. A Shuttle service may also be required if a shipping container is not available on the move date. In this case, Warehouse handling may also be required:
  4. Warehouse handling occurs when cargo must be handled more times than it would under normal circumstances.  For instance, if no container is available on the day of moving, your cargo will be offloaded into a secure warehouse and reloaded into the container once one is available. The extra labor required for such handling carries an extra cost, unless specifically mentioned that is not covered under the quoted moving price (unless specifically mentioned), which is predicated on the normal process of direct loading into a container on the day of moving. Our quotes are based on steamship line / airline equipment availability. If a container or voyage is not available at the time of pickup, Orbit will need to reschedule the client’s moving date. If the client is not able to move the date to a time when a crew and a container are available, additional charges, (Such as a Local move to storage, Warehouse Handling and Storage), will apply to store the shipment and load into a container at a later date.

10.Demurrage/detention/port storage: Fees levied by the shipping line or port, or both, for use of the container beyond the allotted timeframe for standard usage, which varies from port to port and from shipping line to shipping line.  While we typically prepay all known destination terminal handling charges for door-to-door moves, there may be times where additional, unexpected, or incalculable port fees are levied by ports, customs agencies or other entities involved in the logistics chain.  In such cases, these charges are the responsibility of the client to pay.

  1. Moving Date:
  1. Keep all belongings, which are not going, in a designated locked area to insure these items do not get packed and shipped.
  2. Keep all jewelry & cash away from the packing area. The moving process is relatively fast, and you may not be able to keep track of where you place them.
  3. If you are moving during the winter, make sure that the whole access area from the truck / container to inside your residence is clean of snow and ice. Also, please put salt on the driveway and entryway – it can get very slippery.
  4. “Work” with us and be on hand when we arrive. If you are not able to be present while the movers are there, designate a friend or family member to help and make decisions in your absence. Let us know to whom you have given authority. Be sure that your representative knows exactly what is going and what is staying. This person may be asked to sign documents.
  5. Stay home until the last item is packed. Make a “final inspection” before we leave. Check the inventory list and make sure you agree with any notations on it. Take pictures if necessary. It is your responsibility to verify that all of your goods are loaded.
  6. Leave your phone connected throughout the moving day. After the movers leave, pack your phone in one of your suitcases for easy access when you arrive at your new home. Ask us about electrical transformers and adapters!
  7. You will be asked to provide us with all your contact information at your new residence and where you can be reached while your shipment is in transit.
  8. IMPORTANT – it is the client’s sole responsibility to conduct a “FINAL INSPECTION” prior to the movers leaving the packing site. If Orbit needs to return for an extra pickup (subject to schedule/capacity), additional charges and delays may occur.
  1. Size / Weight of shipment
  1. The quote is based on surveyed volume. Final charges will adjust, based on the rated indicated on the quote, if the actual volume increases above the surveyed volume or if weight exceeds the normal range of 6 – 7 lbs. per cubic foot (CUF).
  2. Air shipments: Charges will be based on the higher between the actual weight and dimensional (Chargeable) weight at 167 kgs per cubic meter.
  3. Full containers: An overflow (cargo exceeds capacity of booked container) will be billed as a separate shipment, whether exported or redelivered within Canada or disposed of. The additional volume rate indicated on your quote applies to the principal container only.
  4. Land shipments are based on the actual final gross volume as per the quote. Weight should not exceed the normal range of 6 – 7 lbs. per cubic foot (CUF
  5. If after collecting the goods, the client would wish to reduce the size of the shipment, Orbit, when possible, will charge the following charges:

           i. Charges on the entire shipment:   Admin, Fuel, Packing, Wrapping, Inventory, delivery to warehouse, prep for Export.

          ii. Charges on the reduced volume:  Admin, access the shipment (When possible), supply labor to accommodate the request, redelivery/disposal of goods not being shipped, prep shipment again for Export.

  1. Transit Insurance coverage (refer to the insurance Application provided for additional terms and details):
  1. Orbit takes pride in the quality of work we provide. However, it is always possible that something can happen to your shipment along the way as there are many stages to get your shipment to the destination. Orbit encourages to take a supplementary “All Risk” Coverage.
  2. If the completed insurance valuation and application form is not returned to Orbit prior to packing or the shipment is not insured through Orbit for any reason, Orbit will not be held liable in any way for loss or damage and is limited to a maximum liability of $0.60/lb.. See the Transit Insurance Application for further information. Items not packed by Orbit or their agents (PBO, Packed By Owner, items) cannot be insured for all-risk coverage.
  3. With no insurance, Orbit’s maximum liability of $0.60/lb. This is very low. For example., if a TV weighs 25 lbs and it is damaged, the Maxim maximum coverage would be $0.60/lbX25lbs – $15 (Not sufficient. This is what we encourage to take an “All Risk” Coverage.
  4. Orbit is never responsible for any omissions / mistakes / under-representations of the client’s Transit Insurance Application.
  5. All porous or extremely fragile items such as, but not limited to, marble, granite or glass will be moved at client’s risk if not custom crated by Orbit or their agents. Client will not assume responsibility for any item that clients refuse to crate against Orbit’s advice, or such items that were not shown to the surveyor or another Orbit representative prior to the date of packing.
  6. Certain goods (e.g., leather goods, wines) have limited coverage.  Refer to the insurance Application for additional detail.
  7. In the event of an insurance claim, you may be asked to supply documentation supporting your declared valuations for items of relatively high or subjective value (especially collections, fine art or antiques exceeding $5,000 or 10% of the shipment’s total value). It is strongly recommended that you supply a detailed breakdown for groups of items valued collectively at $1,500 or more (e.g., china sets or clothing).
  8. If storage is required at origin or destination beyond the transit time dictated by the moving company, insurance coverage will need to be extended. The cost is: 0.45% of the insured value / per month plus $25 administrative fee each time an extension is requested). It is the client’s sole responsibility to notify Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. if storage is required at the destination.
  9. Insurance coverage can be extended only if goods are stored at an approved warehouse under the control of Orbit or its agent. Failure to notify Orbit (ONLY ORBIT – not an agent acting on Orbit’s behalf), will result in the automatic termination of the insurance policy 30 days after arrival to the destination port.
  1. Damage to Property: Please notify Orbit or its destination agent immediately, on the same day of delivery, if there is any damage to premises or chattels while the moving crew is on site.
  1. Restricted, Prohibited, Controlled or Hazardous Items: The list of items below will vary from country to country.  Some countries have additional restrictions. Check with your move coordinator for country related restrictions. If you need to ship any of the items below, inform your move coordinator at least a week prior to your move so they can check with the local agent and advise you if possible.
  1. Jewelry, precious metals, precious or semiprecious stones/gems or cash
  2. Cleaning supplies or chemicals of a highly caustic, acidic, flammable, or explosive nature
  3. Prescription or over-the-counter medicines, Drugs, and Illegal Substances
  4. Important documents such as passports, birth certificates, insurance policies, etc.
  5. Any pressurized tanks or canisters, including, but not limited to, propane, helium and carbon dioxide gas tanks or any items that utilize flammable gases.
  6. Ammunition, gunpowder, fireworks and Pyrotechnics or weapons of any kind, including, but not limited to: firearms, whether disassembled or not; grenades; axes; crossbows; bows; arrows; knives designed specifically for combat or self-defense; brass knuckles; swords.
  7. Taxidermy, live animals or animals and plant products of a restricted, controlled, or endangered nature (e.g., furs, skins, ivory tusks, tortoise shells, seashells, untreated wood carvings, wood products derived from an endangered or ‘at risk’ species, etc.)
  8. Alcohol and all types of narcotics and dangerous drugs (violation will result in severe penalties).
  9. Obscene or pornographic material, unlawful or treasonable material.
  10. Hazardous articles (e.g., combustible, corrosive, flammable or explosive items and toxic or poisonous substances)
  11. Raw or open food products, vegetables, fruits, plants, and seeds.
  12. Used Lawn Mowers
  13. Used car parts – require import license from Ministry of Transport
  14. New or used Fire Extinguishers
  15. Electric Bicycle / Scooter / Skateboard
  16. Used Helmets* (Bicycle, Motorcycle, ATV) New Helmets require an import license.
  17. Machinery or furniture containing soil, waste, and other organic debris. 
  18. Pirated books, articles, and software as well as pornographic literature or audio / video tapes / DVDs, religious books and audio / video tapes / DVDs containing blasphemy against religion or beliefs.
  19. Liquids and batteries of ANY type including those found in laptops, wireless devices, tablets, phones, toys, vacuum cleaners, etc.
  20. Additional restrictions may apply for some countries and destinations. Consult your move coordinator or customs and government entities at destination for more specific and detailed information.


* More information is available on our website: www.orbitmoving.com under “Moving & Packing tips”.