Move Management

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Move Management

Let Orbit manage your employees’ move, from corporate relocation services to the final invoicing. Our expert staff are here to handle every last detail of a corporate relocation, ensuring that no small detail is overlooked. This move management, from the beginning to end, lets Orbit provide seamless and efficient employee relocations all over the world.

By explaining the various corporate relocation services offered, your employees will be knowledgeable about how their relocation will be managed. The move counselor will be around to answer any questions or provide feedback throughout the relocation process. Your employees will never feel lost or unaware of the process throughout the relocation.

Orbit understands how important it is to keep your employees informed throughout the relocation process. An expert moving counselor will be assigned to each corporate relocation to supply your employees with a single, dedicated point of contact. You can feel confident that Orbit’s move management process will guarantee a successful move every time.

Here is our 5 step relocation plan for success:

  1. Pre-move consultation. The moving counselor will conduct a thorough needs analysis to identify specific relocation requirements, expectations and concerns of the relocating family.
  2. Our moving counselor will prepare a survey of corporate relocation services and determine the estimated costs based on a room-by-room analysis of household and goods to be shipped, making note of any special packing or transportation requirements.
  3. After approving the estimate, the counselors will then assign a move coordinator for the move who will update your employees on all of its phases, from when the packers will arrive to exactly when the final delivery shall be made.
  4. Each transferee will be contacted a week prior to and on the actual days of packing, loading and delivery. Should any of these events be more than one week apart from one another, regular contact will persist throughout.
  5. If your employees ever have questions about the move, they can simply contact their move coordinator. The coordinator will be quick to respond, providing any important information for your employees.