Moving abroad is exciting. Planning for a long-term, but temporary move requires a specific and unique moving plan. This is why we put together a moving checklist to remove some of the guesswork and help guide your way to a successful and rewarding travel experience. Each segment of the checklist is broken down by time-frame for ease of use. Bon Voyage! 

Six months to a year leading up to your move: 

  • Save as much money as you can to act as a financial cushion 
  • Research living expenses and create a workable and realistic budget 
  • Research the culture and customs of your new home to help you acclimatize 
  • If you can, visit your new home to scout potential neighbourhoods where you’d want to live

Three to six months before your move 

  • Renew your passport or apply for a new one if applicable 
  • Apply for the correct work, student, or travel visa 
  • Research and arrange for your health care insurance 
  • Research your transportation options abroad to determine what you’ll need once you arrive, make sure this is in your budget 
  • Downsize your items as you prepare to move – donate, sell, and give away 
  • Research storage and moving solutions to keep your items safely stored and shipped (if applicable) 

One to Three Months Before Your Move 

  • Visit the dentist and get any needed work done 
  • Visit the doctor, renew, and obtain all applicable prescriptions and refills prior to your move 
  • Book an eye exam and fill your prescription 
  • Book and get any applicable vaccinations and/or proof of vaccination 
  • Contact your bank to notify them of your move, the dates, and arrange for direct payments for ongoing bills 
  • Contact your cell phone provider to cancel your cell phone and/or select appropriate and cost-effective solutions for your cell phone for the next year 
  • Book storage and shipping of your home furnishings and things 
  • Prepare to sublet your home (if applicable) or give notice to your property owner 
  • Cancel your subscriptions, hydro, cable, etc. 
  • Forward your mail. If you are going to have a fixed address in the next year you can send your items there and, if not, arrange for a friend or family member to receive your mail during your year abroad 
  • Book your flight 
  • Book your temporary accommodations, and begin searching for a more permanent home 
  • File your outstanding tax returns and research what you’ll need to do for your taxes upon your return 
  • Purchase travel insurance 
  • Begin to apply for jobs (if applicable) 

1-2 Weeks Before your Move 

  • Visit relatives and family 
  • Throw a goodbye party 
  • Collect contact information, including addresses so you can send mail and email to friends and family easily 
  • Get money in the currency of your new home 
  • Pack and purchase any necessary items that you’ll need for your year away 

Bring all appropriate documents and make copies of each to store in a safe place (under the custody of a person you can easily reach should you need them) including: 

  • Birth certificate 
  • Passport 
  • Marital documents (marriage certificate, divorce papers etc.) 
  • Social security/ working visa documentation 
  • Driver’s license 
  • Applicable educational documents for education and job opportunities abroad 
  • Financial records 

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