As the moving truck pulls out of your driveway, you can rest and let out a big sigh of relief because a big part of your journey from your old home to your new one is now complete. While many of the big-ticket items on your ‘To-Do’ list are now behind you, there are still a few things you need to complete the move into your new home.  

Make Sure All of Your Items Have Arrived

If you are moving overseas and shipping your belongings to Dubai from Canada for example, look around and make sure that everything that was supposed to arrive is now there, and that your moving boxes (or deliveries of new furniture and appliances) are present, accounted for, and without damage. If anything is amiss, take photos, document, and contact the appropriate provider to file a complaint and find out the next steps. Connect and test all the appliances to ensure they are in working order.

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Get to Know Your New Home

Take a walk around the home and figure out where the main fuse box/circuit breaker is located. Find the water shut-off valve. Did the previous owners have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and did they leave them behind? If so, check the batteries and make sure that everything is in working order and, if not, install your own right away. While you’re ordering new supplies, it’s also a good time to see if the furnace filter needs replacing and to order a few new filters so they’re on hand when you need them. Inspect the home for any damage or potential issues that you’ll need to get on your list to repair. If you plan on painting certain rooms, consider doing so before you unpack to save yourself some trouble.

Give the Home a Deep Clean

It’s up to you, and your budget, whether you conduct a deep clean of your home yourself or hire a professional. Remember that unpacking often leaves a lot of garbage and dust, so you’ll want to clean before you set up rooms in your house and again after, to clean up all the unpacking debris.

Hire a Locksmith

While the old residents may have provided you with their old keys, it’s best practice to rekey, when you move into your new home. If your home is a new build, you should still consider this practice since many builders and tradespeople have had keys to your home while it was being constructed. If you want to keep the same locks, a lot of the time locksmiths can keep the existing lock and replace the pins to ‘lock out’ old keys. If part of your initial move-in plan includes replacing some doors, now is the time to also replace the locks. Note, most home insurance companies need to see proof of forcible entry to process your claims, so if someone who has a key to your home breaks in, your claim may be denied.

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Get the Bills in Your Name

As part of the moving logistics, contact the local power, water, cable, and internet providers to ensure you get the service you need, and that the service is in your name. Change your address with the post office to ensure you can close off all bills from your old home and that you don’t miss family holiday cards or your favourite magazine subscription. You will also need to change your contact information for your formal identification, car registration, and insurance provider. 

Unpack the Essentials First

It might take a while to figure out where you want everything to go in your home in the first few weeks, and that’s a normal part of the process of a move. Begin with unpacking the essentials that you’ll need right away, and then work on unpacking the rest of the items. Figuring out where to hang that painting can wait a little longer. 

Tour the Neighbourhood

While you checked out the area before you decided to move, getting an idea of the small details will help you settle into your new home. Figure out where the closest grocery store, pharmacy, hardware store, schools for your kids (don’t forget to get them registered!), parks and dog parks, and post office is, so running errands is that much easier. If you’ve moved a significant distance away from your former home,for example, if you are moving to Costa Rica from Canada, you’ll also want to investigate getting a local doctor, dentist, hairdresser/barber, and veterinarian.

Meet the Neighbours

A little friendliness can go a long way. Make sure to introduce yourself to the neighbours who live around you – it’s just good manners. Don’t be afraid to ask them for recommendations for the best bakery in the neighbourhood or the names of local kids who babysit.

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