Whether you’re moving from Canada to France into a new home or just looking for a refresher, a space that makes you feel comfortable and warm can act as the best possible form of self-care and help provide that ‘Home Sweet Home’ feeling that all of us yearn for. Here are six tips to help warm up your space, no matter what your budget is. 

Start at the Beginning

The entryway to your home is the first thing that you, and visitors, will see when entering your home. Setting the right tone here will help set the mood for the feel of the rest of your space. This could be something simple like lighting, a piece of art you’ve picked up back in your international moving or travel days, a decorative address plaque, an ornate door knocker, or even a custom doormat to help invited guests feel welcome. Seasonally consider adding something to your door itself, like a wreath or welcome sign, to establish your own personal flair.

Color Shade Samples

Colour Yourself Calm

Certain colours for walls can help provide a sense of serenity within your space. Consider how a colour palette makes you feel, rather than just going with your favourite colour to be the focal point of your home. Good options to start with include soft neutral colours and shades including light blues, greens, and pinks. While bright neon colours certainly make a design statement, they may not provide the overall sense of calm you’re looking for.  

Warm up with Soft Decorative Furnishing Items

Who doesn’t like cuddling up on the couch with some fluffy pillows and soft, lush blankets? Splurging on a few throw cushions and a warm blanket or two can act as practical accents for your living room and will make even the oldest hand-me-down couch feel more inviting.

Bring in Air with Plants

There are many reasons houseplants are so popular – they make our homes more inviting. Research what works best depending on the lighting in your home, the care you can give, and the pets who also reside with. Many greenhouses, grocers, and farmers markets offer affordable options that will work in a variety of environments. Don’t have a green thumb? Opt for low care succulents or cacti (when moving to Dubai from Canada for instance), or just grab some cut flowers once a month or so to help brighten up your space.

Lighting & Candles

Creating warm lighting can go a long way in creating a space where people will want to hunker down and unwind. Layering light, such as table lamps and standing lamps, in addition to overhead lighting, can help you alter the mood of your space as you see fit. Candles can evoke comfort, with their scent playing a large part in this feeling. The candle scents said to be most calming include vanilla, lavender, citrus, chamomile, jasmine, rosemary, and eucalyptus. If you have young children or pets and candles aren’t possible, you can look for flameless LED candles to create warm light without the fire.  

Man Holding the Plants in a Table
Collection of vinyl records on shelf in apartment

Marie Kondo Sparking Warmth & Joy

Marie Kondo recommends removing all items from your décor that don’t spark joy. When planning your space, be deliberate, particularly with your knickknacks and artwork to ensure that what you decide to display makes you feel that joy, whether it’s investing in a great frame for that favourite family photo or that keepsake vase from your last vacation. Remember, this is your place to work with and even minor changes can make a substantial difference!

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