While an international move may be a part of a larger plan to live more economically or increase your earning power thanks to a lucrative job offer, the move itself will be expensive. It doesn’t take long for the costs associated with an international move to surpass the ten-thousand-dollar mark, so planning your budget carefully can help ensure you stay in the black when you adjust to your new home in beautiful Portugal. Here are some major costs associated with moving to Portugal you’ll want to work into your moving budget.

Long Distance Moving Costs 

Cost for moving your items will be determined by the number of items, their size and weight, and how quickly you need them to arrive. Items arriving by plane will get to you quickly but cost significantly more than moving by freight (ship). Since Portugal is known for five major ports (Douro, Aveiro, Leixões, Lisbon, Setúbal, and Sines) there will be lots of options for getting your items relatively close to your new home. Expect to budget at least 8-12K for moving your items by freight, and on the higher end of this budget if you are moving specialized items that require extra packing and care (like art, musical instruments, or highly breakable items).  

Remember to work with a reputable international moving company as your belongings need to arrive in Portugal within 90 days of when you do. 


The good news is that Portugal boasts one of the lowest costs of living in Western Europe. However, like many countries, the bigger towns and cities come with the biggest rental price tags. If you want to live in Lisbon or Porto, you’re going to pay more for that, whereas life in a smaller town will be much more affordable. According to Numbeo a three-bedroom apartment in a city centre (like Lisbon) will cost you roughly $1500 CAD per month, whereas the same sized apartment outside of a city centre is closer to $1000 CAD per month. 

If you dream of home ownership, Portugal will give you value for your money, although prices are rising. The average price of a home in Portugal in 2020 was roughly 400K.  


Moving your car to Portugal is quite pricey. In most cases you are better off buying a car there instead. By purchasing local you’ll also have better options for repair should something go wrong, as you can buy a car that local mechanics are used to working on, with spare parts readily available. It’s also worth noting that fuel is quite pricey in Portugal, so you may want to factor this into your move in terms of the walkability of your new home. Public transit is solid in Portugal, particularly if you’re living in a large town or major city. 

Items to Buy in Portugal 

The more you reduce, sell, and store prior to your move, the less you’ll need to move, and in turn the cheaper the move, but that doesn’t account for the items you’ll need to purchase when you arrive in Portugal. If you’re leaving all your appliances at home and buying new ones, you’ll need to budget for that cost, but won’t need to purchase adapters. When it comes to clothes remember, it gets cold in Portugal too, and while you won’t need your skis and snow pants, you’ll want an insulated raincoat for the cool, wet winters.  

An experienced moving company can help you prioritize which items to pack and which to purchase post move. 

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