Moving requires careful planning, time, and resources. Moving in 2021 amplifies this process. Regulations, restrictions, quarantine, and personal wellness are all items that need to be included into your 2021 moving plans. Thankfully, we can offer these 15 tips to help your move from out of state any time and 10 tips exclusive to pandemic moving! 

15 Tips for Moving Out of State 

  1. Start planning early, set your budget, and get recommendations on professional moving companies to ensure you get the right company, with ample experiences with moves like your own. 
  2. Use your move as an opportunity to pare down what you own. Sell and donate what you don’t need. This will make your move cheaper and lighter. 
  3. Update your accounts and transfer everything from your utilities to your Netflix to your new address to avoid any service interruption. This will ensure that you can kick back and binge-watch your favourite show while you unpack. 
  4. Look at the tax implications of your move and consider hiring a professional to help you with filing your taxes the year of your move. Your change of address mid-year means that you will be responsible for taxes in both states. Although, if your move is to a state such as Arizona or Washington, you will no longer have to pay state income tax for that portion of the year, just federal taxes. 
  5. Create an essentials paperwork box separate from the other items you’re moving to keep on your person. This should include items such as passports, insurance cards, school, and vaccination records. Having them on your person will make it easier to change your address, get your children registered for school, and so on. 
  6. Build a moving emergency fund into your budget. With any move, costs pop up. Whether it’s extra nights in a hotel if you hit bad weather on your way to your new home, or because the company that was renovating your new place isn’t quite done when they said they’d be. 
  7. Bring small, valuable items (like heirloom family jewelry) with you to ensure they are safe. Don’t pack them on a moving truck. 
  8. Pack a “go bag” for each family member. Include all the essentials such as toiletries and clothes for the move that isn’t packed on the truck. Pack an extra day or two worth of clothes compared to what you think you’ll need in case your items, or you are delayed in arriving at your new home. 
  9. Track your spending to make sure you stay on budget. There is no point in setting a budget if you aren’t going to follow it. Even keeping your receipts aside to review on a weekly or biweekly basis during your move will help you keep expenses in check. 
  10. Make sure your moving company has all your current cell phone contact information, particularly if you’re changing phone numbers, so you can keep connected over the course of your move. 
  11. Prepare a checklist, you can get many online, and follow it during the months and weeks before your move to keep you organized and help alleviate stress. 
  12. Remember to forward your mail and let others know that you are moving. 
  13. Visit friends and family in the weeks leading up to your move to reconnect one last time in person before your move. 
  14. Have some extra room in your budget? Consider splurging on cleaners (for the home you’re moving into and out of) to allow for a fresh start and saved time for your family and the family taking over your old home.  
  15. Take some time after your move to explore your region, make friends, join social clubs, and truly become a part of your new community.  

10 Pandemic Exclusive Tips for Moving Out of State 

  1. Go into you move planning knowing that moving is considered an essential service and will continue running as scheduled even with some of the pandemic shutdowns. So, whether you’re moving for work, family, or retirement you and your movers should be permitted to complete your move from one state to another. 
  2. If you are in a high-risk group (over 60, have pre-existing health conditions, and/or have not been fully vaccinated) and have flexibility in your move date, consider delaying until you are vaccinated, and it is safe to move to your new region thanks to low COVID-19 case counts. 
  3. Ask your moving team what their COVID-19 protocols are: These should include regular sanitizing of equipment and moving vehicles, social distancing, and wearing face coverings when they can’t physically distance. 
  4. Check cancellation policies with your moving company in advance. Postponed or cancelled moves because of COVID-19 in your current or future area may pop up, depending on current COVID-19 developments in these specific areas. If you or anyone in your family isn’t feeling well and/or has tested positive for COVID-19, contact your moving company right away to let them know so you can make alternate arrangements, safely. 
  5. Although in person quotes will provide you the most accurate price estimate for your move, many companies are now offering virtual surveys to offer you a quote without entering your home. 
  6. If you are renting a moving truck, book well in advance to find out what additional safety protocols they have in place, as booking and drop off locations may differ to ensure social distance, and you may have to make your reservation online instead of in person. 
  7. Determine if you will be required to show proof of vaccination prior to your move and secure your proof from your vaccination centre/ healthcare provider to show to the required healthcare authorities in your new region. 
  8. Remember, you may need to be tested for COVID-19 prior to entering the state, or after arriving, depending on what state you are travelling from and into. Get the testing centre costs and locations sorted before you move so you can work this essential stop into your moving plan.   
  9. Find out whether you need to self-isolate upon arrival and pre-arrange grocery/food and essential deliveries before your move date to ensure you aren’t left without needed supplies.  
  10. Many states require you receive your final vaccine dose at least 14 days prior to your move to avoid a period of self-isolation. Should you wish to avoid this mandatory restriction, make sure to schedule your vaccine well before your move. 

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