As you’re looking over your budget and moving timeline you may wonder whether you should make it a ‘do it yourself’ project or invest in hiring a moving company. While you’re weighing your options consider these eight reasons to hire a moving company 

A Move is Stressful Enough Without Managing it Yourself 

A move, whether it’s across town, the province, or to another country is stressful. Add in booking the right sized truck, picking it up, sourcing boxes, playing Tetris to fit everything in, driving a truck you’re unfamiliar with, and the looming deadline of getting your truck back in time. Professional movers will show up at a set time, load your items, and get them to your new home, so you don’t have to. 

Reliable, Contracted Help (That you don’t have to buy Pizza and Beer for) 

A professional mover will be there when you need them and won’t cancel – it’s literally their job. Since they are trained professionals, they will be efficient and will keep your belongings safe for every leg of the trip, so you don’t have to get angry at your cousin for accidentally dropping that box of kitchen plates. 

Expert Packing 

A professional mover can pack a two-bedroom house in roughly three to five hours. It takes an average person 3-5 days to complete a similar job. On top of that, professional movers understand the basics on the best ways to box up a room, box and unload items, that will reduce and eliminate damage, and make unpacking a breeze. 


Professional movers have insurance, which means that if something gets bumped, broken, or goes missing you will be financially compensated. Also, again because this is what they do for a living, a seasoned professional is less likely to misplace a box or break something in the first place. 

Focus on Your Family 

Moves, particularly ones that take your kids to a different school or you to a different job, are tough. By hiring professional movers, you can focus your weeks and days around the move on tending to the needs and anxieties of your family members who may be struggling with such a big change. 

What the Time Saving Will Offer 

Hiccups happen, but when you hire a moving company, those hiccups are their problem and not yours. Reputable movers are prompt and efficient. Their business depends on it. You can use this time saved for many of the other tasks on your moving checklist.  

Save Your Back (And Your Walls) 

Have you ever moved furniture and put a ding in a freshly painted wall, or banged up the end of a table, giving it a big scratch? Movers can pivot, lift, and understand the dimensions of halls and doorways better than the rest of us. In addition to this, they are trained to know the right ways to lift to avoid injury, and with them doing the bulk of this lifting you can avoid tending to an injury while you settle into your new home. 

Sensible Storage Solutions 

If there is a gap between your closing dates, you’ll likely need to store your furniture. If you’re moving out of the country for a set amount of time, odds are you’ll likely want to store some items until you return. By bundling your storage solutions with your moving company, you can enjoy possible price discounting, as well as the security of knowing where all your items are, both those in transit towards your new home, and the items stowed safely away in your hometown until your return. 

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Expert

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