Moving to China will undoubtedly be the adventure of a lifetime, regardless of whether you’re moving there for work or for personal reasons. The culture, society, and government are very different than that of Canada or other Western countries. Be prepared for an experience unlike anything you’ve ever had before, and read on to learn about a few things you should know when planning an international move to China.

A Long List of Required Documents

Every country has its own bureaucracy, especially when it comes to importing personal effects. China is no exception.

You need a work permit, an original authorization letter, a valid passport, a valid residence permit, an employment certificate (preferably in Chinese), a health certificate, an appointment letter from the consulate or embassy in your home country, a customs permit, three copies of the application for a sealed customs letter, an import permit (in which the list of goods and quantities of those goods must be in Chinese), an ocean bill of lading or an air way bill, an arrival notice for ocean shipments, a baggage declaration form and a detailed inventory in English or Chinese that lists and describes each specific item (generic descriptions such as “kitchen items” or “children’s toys” will not pass muster).

Different Cities, Different Requirements

Depending on where you’re moving to in China, there will be some slightly different requirements for documents.

If you’re moving to Beijing, you must apply for a permit to ship your goods and a residence permit at the same time. Are you moving to Shanghai? Don’t forget that the labels on all household goods must match the name on the passport used to clear customs. Let’s say you’re headed to Shenzhen. You must be physically present with a destination agent representative at the Public Security Bureau when submitting the residency application forms and your original passport. When shipping goods through the port of Xingang, make sure that the container seal marks on the bill of lading are identical to the marks on the container’s seal.

Prohibited Items

Every country has a list of items that are prohibited for importation. In that regard, China is no different. Some of the items on China’s list are unique to that country, though.

You can’t include chewing gum, toy coins or toy currency notes (leave your edition of Monopoly at home) in your shipment. And forget about bringing your baby grand or grand piano. Finally, what shouldn’t come as any surprise is that anti-communist or anti-China paraphernalia is prohibited.

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Written by Adi Shaked