As international movers, we get asked this question a great deal: when is the best time of the year to move? It’s a question that doesn’t have one answer. The best time of the year to move is going to depend on you and your personal circumstances. Read on to learn what makes the “best” time of year to move for people.

Think of the Children

If you have school-aged children, the best time of the year for you to move is in the summer. Your children will be on summer vacation. They’ll have two months to adjust to being in a new place and to a new school.

Of course, moving during the summer has its drawbacks. It’s more expensive to move during the summer, because so many people choose that time of year to move. Furthermore, you’ll have more flexibility to book a moving truck when it’s less busy.

Look at the Calendar

Most leases start and end at the beginning or end of the month. So, that’s when movers are going be at their busiest. Consider moving during the middle of the month, when fewer people will be moving.

Also, most people move over the weekends. It makes sense – they don’t have to take time off work. It might be worth it to take a day or two of vacation, though. You’ll have more flexibility as to the day of the week when you move.

Check the Weather Forecast

The least busy time of the year for movers is the fall through the end of winter. Things are very slow for moving companies, so you’re much more likely to get the day you want to move.

That being said, you might not want to move in the dead of winter, especially if you’re moving to Canada (and especially if you’re moving to the coldest, snowiest parts of the country). You might face delays due to snow and ice.

You’ll experience fewer weather-related problems if you move in the earlier part of the fall or the later spring, even if it’s a busier time for movers.

What’s Best for YOU?

While it’s great to get advice on the best time of the year to move, they don’t help you if the advice doesn’t work for you.

Do you need to move to England for your job that starts July 1st? You can’t avoid moving in the summer. Let’s look at the opposite situation. Your new job could be starting in Toronto on January 2nd, and you’re currently in Sydney, Australia.

If you have flexibility in your move, great! But the way to ensure your move is the best possible experience is to be organized and to use the highest quality movers.

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Written by Adi Shaked