“Oh, you’re moving abroad?” people comment. “What an adventure you’ll have!” There are many misconceptions about moving to another country. People romanticize international moving and often minimize the difficulties adjusting to life in a foreign land. While there are plenty of reasons to start a new life in a different part of the world, the process is not without its challenges. Read on to learn about the things no one tells you about moving abroad (but we will!).

In Real Life, There’s a Lot of Paperwork

When you see movies about people moving to exotic destinations, the main characters never spend a second waiting on line at this ministry or that department for vital paperwork that will enable them to stay in the country.

Life isn’t like the movies. Moving to another country involves a great deal of bureaucracy. Be prepared to hang out for long stretches in government offices so you can get the documents you need in order to remain in your new home.

Language and Culture Pose Barriers

Here’s another thing about the movies where people move abroad: the main characters always have these amazing apartments. No one ever has to deal with crazy landlords, cockroaches, outrageous rent, or any other problems that frequently affect people living in a foreign country.

Even if you speak the language, there are cultural idiosyncrasies that you might not pick up on for months, if not longer. Language and cultural barriers will pose challenges for which you might be complete unprepared (even if you understand in advance these will be an issue).

Be Selective about What You Bring with You

Over the years, you’ve accumulated many belongings. It’s natural – it happens to all of us. When you think about moving abroad, you might not consider what you’re going to do with all of that stuff.

Before you book your ticket, take some time to sort through what you own and decide what’s going to come with and what won’t be making the journey. It might seem like an arduous task, but it will make your life a great deal easier.

Not All Movers Are the Same

All international moving companies perform essentially the same service, so there isn’t any difference between one company and the next, right? Wrong.

When it comes to international movers, you get what you pay for. That fantastic rate ABC Movers quoted you might not be so amazing when the crew shows up without a truck big enough to handle all of your belongings. Don’t be afraid to ask what a quote includes. If a rate sounds suspiciously low, there’s a reason for it.

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By Adi Shaked