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Moving to another country means getting a fresh start. You’ll be in a new place, learning new things, and eat different foods. While that may sound exciting, some of those new experiences can be stressful, disturbing, and deeply frustrating. What can you do to adjust to your new life abroad? Read on for three tips on how to adjust to living in a new country.

  1. Realize that you’re going through an adjustment period.

It might sound silly, but the first step to success in your new home is recognizing that you’re in a situation you’ve never been in before. As a result, you’re going to have to act differently. You’re going to have to be patient. You’re going to have to take things one day at a time. And you’re going to have to persevere in order to make it.

  1. Bring some of the “old country” with you.

Depending on your situation, you might not be able to bring your family with you. And you most likely will have to make a brand new set of friends, which can take time. To help make the adjustment easier, take some things with you that will create a sense of familiarity and comfort. They don’t have to be very big – your favourite soap or lotion could do the trick.

  1. Create a strategy for keeping in touch with family and friends and stick to it.

We live in a world where it’s easy and fast to communicate with people. Ease and speed don’t equate to actually making the act of communication happen, though. Your friends and family (if they haven’t traveled with you) can help you feel as though you’re at home even if they’re thousands of kilometers away. In order to stay in contact with them, you have to develop a plan. How often are you going to call, email, or text your loved ones? Pick a pace that seems reasonable to you. The next part is the hardest: follow through on your plan. If you say you’re going to call your mom every Thursday, do it. Aside from the fact that she wants to hear from you, it’ll keep you connected to your old life.

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By Adi Shaked