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When it comes to international moving, more and more people are moving to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “What attracts people to these two countries in the Arabian Gulf?” you might be asking. “Aren’t they only known for deserts and oil?” While there’s quite a bit of sand in both countries, oil isn’t the only thing in Dubai or Saudi Arabia that’s enticing people to move there. Read on to learn why people are choosing to make their homes in Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Dubai: The Transit Hub of the Gulf Peninsula

Dubai has become the transit hub of the Gulf Peninsula. Its national carrier, Air Emirates, is one of the world’s leading airlines. The Jebel Ali airport is the world’s ninth busiest. Once the logistics hub Dubai World Central is completed, it will be twice as large as the island of Hong Kong.

The emirate has leveraged its location (at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia) to become a transportation powerhouse. It is also very close to Abu Dhabi, another economic anchor of the Gulf Peninsula.

Saudi Arabia: More than Just Oil

Saudi Arabia has long been known for its vast, productive oil fields. However, as the rest of the world begins to wean itself from its oil dependency, the kingdom has begun to look at other sources of revenue to sustain itself. The Saudi Arabian government has recently invested in infrastructure, education and other projects. There will be a great need for foreigners to work on these assignments. Those factors make Saudi Arabia an attractive location for qualified candidates.

The Benefits of Living in Dubai and Saudi Arabia

Being an expatriate in Saudi Arabia and Dubai has its perks. Expats in these countries live in fairly tight-knit communities. And while it’s a small group, the expat community is quite diverse. You have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

Another advantage is the weather. If you come from a colder climate that’s prone to snowy winters,

Dubai and Saudi Arabia will seem like a paradise. The winter temperatures drop as low as 14 degrees Celsius, and although it rains in the Gulf during the winter, it’s still mostly sunny.

If you’re worried about learning the language, don’t be. You can definitely survive on English alone. And you don’t have to be concerned about missing your favourite brands – Dubai has a great shopping scene, so you’ll be able to buy many of the products you love.

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