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These days, life is expensive. In 2022, interest rates started on the rise worldwide, which people everywhere are feeling in their wallets and bank accounts. Moving comes with a slew of expenses, and it’s no wonder people want to save money every opportunity they get. Here are six tips you can use to save on your upcoming move:

6 Ways to Save Money When Moving

Get Several Moving Estimates

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. expects and recommends that prospective clients get quotes from multiple companies to ensure they make the right choice for their budget and moving needs. This information will also allow you to make an accurate moving budget. Another tip is to find out whether the local moving companies you are getting quotes from have peak moving season pricing and avoid them if possible. 

For example, late August/early September can be a hectic time for movers, particularly for a professional moving company in a university or college town.

Reduce What You Move to Decrease the Cost

Selling off and donating old items will make you money and cut down on what you need to move. Higher-end items can be placed at consignment shops, and other big-ticket ones can be placed online through social media community groups or through traditional resale sites like Craigslist or Kijiji. Keep an eye out for yard sales in your neighbourhood and have a garage sale around the same time to take advantage of higher-than-average foot traffic while you sell your wares.

Save Your Receipts

Depending on the expense and your local government, various receipts from your move may be useful when it comes time to file your taxes. Your moving truck rental, short-term storage, accommodation during the move, and other expenses, may qualify, particularly if your long-distance move is for a new job or an education opportunity.

Packing Supplies & Mindful Packing

Asking neighbours, local online groups, grocers, or furniture and appliance stores for moving supplies can save you a lot of money on packing supplies, like bubble wrap, packing paper, or boxes. 

People who have recently moved into your area may be happy to provide free moving boxes and packing materials for free or at a fraction of the cost. There is no harm in asking! Consider using some linens to protect breakable items to protect them without buying moving blankets. When packing, figure out ways to be most efficient and fit more items in a single box to save on the total number of boxes you will be moving. While you need to be efficient, make sure you aren’t overloading your moving boxes, making them so heavy they’ll be difficult to move or impact the box’s integrity.

Forethought and Food

While it can be tempting to order take-out in the weeks leading up to and following a move, it gets expensive quickly. Plan your meals pre-move to use whatever is in your freezer or pantry. This will also mean there will be fewer items to pack and move. Need help finishing it all? Consider having friends over for an empty-the-freezer “party” where everyone can help eat the food and take home leftovers. Consider arranging a grocery order delivery the day of (or after) your move to ensure you have the basics required to start cooking at home as you settle in.

Keep Track to Stay on Budget

Setting up a simple Excel spreadsheet, using a budget tracking app, or using a pen and paper is a great way to ensure you are meeting your budget. It can also help you make adjustments should you overspend in a specific area.

Orbit: Your Full-Service Moving Company

Moving doesn’t have to break the bank! By following these six tips—getting several estimates before you hire professional movers, reducing what you move, saving your receipts, being mindful with packing supplies, planning meals in advance, and keeping track of your budget—you can significantly cut down on moving expenses. 

At Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd., we’re here to help make your move as cost-effective and stress-free as possible. Ready to start saving on your move? Contact us today for a free quote. Our local, long-distance and international movers are looking forward to helping you have a smooth moving experience! Happy Moving!

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