Land, Sea or Air: Which Is Better for Your Stuff During a Move?

If you’re moving internationally, you’ll have a lot of choices to make. One of them is how to ship your belongings. You have at least two choices: sea or air. If you’re moving on the same continent, you can also choose to have your goods shipped by land. But which is the best choice for you? We’re here to help you make that decision. Read on to learn the differences between the three.

By Land

Shipping by land refers to using a truck to transport items. This only works if you’re moving from one part of a continent to another, and there are passable roads upon which to transport goods. Let’s say you’re moving from Canada to England. Obviously, no truck can cross the Atlantic Ocean.

There are some benefits to moving by truck. First of all, a truck isn’t subject to port strikes, unlike shipping containers. Secondly, if the option is available, shipping items by truck is more cost effective than doing so by sea or air. However, be aware that truckers can also go on strike on occasion.

By Sea

Shipping by sea is the slowest method of the three transportation modes mentioned. It can take at least a month to receive your goods if you ship them by sea, so you have to send them far in advance.

The advantage of shipping by sea is that it’s cheaper than sending packages by air.

Airlines charge by weight, while you’ll only have to pay for the container you use if you choose to ship by sea. There are definite disadvantages, though. As mentioned earlier, ports are prone to strikes – far more so than airports. And storing belongings in a portside warehouse (something which you might not have a choice about) can get very expensive.

By Air

Sending your goods on a plane is the fastest shipping method of all. It can take a day or two to receive your goods when they travel by plane.

Speed comes at a price, though. As mentioned earlier, airlines charge by the weight of an item. And that can be expensive. What are the benefits of shipping your belongings by air, aside from speed? Airlines tend to be far more reliable than companies that ship by boat. A storm might delay a flight for a day, while it can cause a ship to go off course for a couple of weeks.

And while airport staff can strike, those strikes tend to be resolved faster because flying is such a popular mode of transportation.

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