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As a travel and relocation destination, New Zealand checks many boxes for many people. Before packing up and moving to the land of the long white cloud, it is best to explore good old-fashioned pros and cons to determine if New Zealand is the right place for you and your family.  

Pro – Ample job opportunities

With an aging population, it is expected that there will be numerous job opportunities in New Zealand. It’s estimated that in New Zealand, 80 people each day turn 65, with 25 to 30 percent of the population aging out of the job market by 2073. This means that there will be additional efforts in the coming years to attract skilled expats to come and work in New Zealand, providing further opportunities.

Travelers ride horses in lupine flower field, overlooking the beautiful landscape of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand. Lupins hit full bloom in December to January which is the summer of New Zealand.

Con – Small population can be limiting

Although job prospects are on the rise, a smaller population of just over five million people means that each industry has fewer opportunities. Depending on the sector, this could mean fewer chances for lateral moves or advancement within your industry.

Pro – Temperate climate

New Zealand is known for moderate temperatures, warm summers, cool falls and springs, and cold winters, but not too cold. Anyone who likes the changing of seasons without too much extreme weather will enjoy the weather New Zealand offers. People from South Africa may find themselves moving to New Zealand or even moving to Australia thanks to similar climates.

Con – Skin cancer risks

Compared to other regions, UV rays impact New Zealand disproportionately as a high UV environment. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in New Zealand. Instances of Melanoma are up to four times higher than in Canada, the US, or the UK. Those moving to New Zealand should invest in quality sunscreen and UV protective clothing and go for routine medical appointments to look for early signs of Melanoma.

Pro – Healthcare and progressive politics

New Zealand has a progressive political leadership that has been long touted as an example of having recently handled COVID-19 well. It is also known for having subsidized health care that is low-cost or free for citizens and permanent residents.

Con – No dental coverage

New Zealand does not offer subsidized dental care. This means dental check-up appointments and oral treatments are pretty costly. Because of this, much of the lower-income population avoids the dentist altogether.

Pro – English language meets multiculturalism

New Zealand’s official language is English, and unlike moving to Sweden from Canada (where English is understood but not the official language), you will not need to learn a new language as expats from English-speaking countries make up most of the surroundings. Don’t mistake this for a lack of culture, though. New Zealand is a multicultural country with an excellent and diverse food industry.

Con – Isolation

New Zealand is quite far from the rest of the world. Vacations, trips back home to visit family, or friends and family visiting you will likely be few and far between. New Zealand’s remote location makes travel outside of the region both expensive and time-consuming.

Pro – Safe place to live and grow

New Zealand is known for being both laid back and safe and an excellent place to raise a family. Low crime rates and beautiful scenery make New Zealand an outdoor oasis for the whole family.

Con – Limited nightclub scene

If you love the night life, there may be better places for you than New Zealand. Queenstown is the best place to enjoy live music, festivals, and clubs. However, other regions tend to roll up their sidewalks in the evening.

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Pro – One of the most beautiful places on the planet

New Zealand is beautiful. It was recently named the second most beautiful country in the world, after Indonesia. With many breathtaking features like rainforests, volcanoes, and tropical reefs, it’s no wonder it tops such lists.

Con – Expensive

Because of its isolation from the rest of the world, living in New Zealand can be pretty expensive compared to other locales. Many foods and goods are imported from a great distance. This means you will spend more on food, clothing, and electronics. In addition, certain regions of New Zealand, primarily Aukland, have high rental and housing prices.

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