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Whether it’s a favourite piece of art you splurged on or your grandmother’s good tea set, you’ll want to make sure that it makes it fully intact from point A to point B; especially if you are wanting to move from places one country to another, such as moving from Dubai to Canada. The tips below will ensure the safe passage of your fragile items when moving.

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10 Tips for packing your items

  1. Utilize small and sturdy boxes for items that are fragile and heavy.  
  2. Don’t skimp on the tape. Packing tape will help keep your items safe and secure. Don’t forget to put an extra strip of packing tape on the bottom seam of your boxes for additional protection. 
  3. Label boxes that contain fragile items as breakable to ensure extra care in their transport and while unpacking. 
  4. Protect fragile items using ample packing material to avoid shifting and breakage during travel. When in doubt add more packing material. 
  5. Take your time when packing fragile items. Rushing an important job like packing can lead to unnecessary breakage. Set a schedule to pack a little each day in the weeks leading up to your move or hire someone to take care of it for you if you don’t have the time. 
  6. Use a soft packing material at the bottom of your boxes to cushion your items. 
  7. Put heavier items at the bottom of each box so the smaller items won’t be crushed or broken by larger pieces. If an item is particularly breakable, pack it on its own. 
  8. Take the time to wrap each item individually to avoid things knocking together and breaking. Hollow items like bowls and vases should be stuffed with packing material. 
  9. Invest in dividers for your glasses and stemware to help keep them safe. 
  10. To move televisions, and digital screens, begin by taking a photo of the item plugged in and working for reference when setting it up again. Next, remove all cables, plugs, and accessories and pack them together in a carefully labelled box. Protect any screens from scratches by securing a base layer of bubble wrap. Finally, wrap a thick blanket around the item and tie it with a bungee cord or thin but sturdy rope.

Seeking out bubble wrap alternatives

Cost and environmental impact have many people seeking alternatives when packing for a move. Other options include:

  • Recyclable paper bubble wrap
  • Shredded paper or newspaper
  • Biodegradable seaweed-based packing peanuts and products
  • Renting moving blankets
  • Packing items in your clothing, towels, and blankets
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Know when to call in the professionals

Reputable movers are highly experienced and have insurance coverage should an item get damaged during a move, for example, if you are moving from Canada to France. Freeing up time and entrusting your packing, moving, and unpacking to seasoned professionals with expertise in fragile goods is often well worth the investment. Remember to check a company’s references and reviews before booking and hire a company that specializes in the movement of fragile goods. This is particularly important if you have a treasured collection of art, musical instruments, or collectables that needs to be handled with care.

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