If someone were to ask you “What’s the biggest difference between domestic and international moving?” You would probably answer with something like “Well, one involves moving within the country, while another one involves moving abroad. Isn’t that obvious?” While that’s true, there’s a distinction that people often miss. We’re here to uncover that!

Domestic Moves Are DIY

Let’s say you’re moving from one neighborhood to another. The process is pretty straightforward, even if it can be a bit of a headache. You gather boxes, decide which of your belongings are coming with you to your new home and sell or give away items you are not bringing with you. You pack the remainder, load it into the truck and drive off to your new place of living.

In some cases, you may decide to hire movers — especially if you’ve got lots of heavy furniture, large appliances, or items that are too bulky for you to handle on your own. But there’s autonomy in this process through your choices on how to move. However, in an international move, it’s a little harder to do it completely on your own and it;s crucial to have help!

International Moves Are a Team Effort

Moving internationally is in no comparison to moving domestically. When you move internationally, you have to consider factors like importing your items, dealing with the federal government, laws and regulations. You will have to account for your items, your pets – everything. This applies whether the move is taking place across the border or across the ocean.

If you’re moving across the ocean, your items will most likely travel by sea. You cannot simply charter a boat on your own to ship your goods – right? An international moving company handles that task. Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd can be trusted to pick up your items, take them to the port and guide you through all the necessary paperwork involved. We believe a good international moving company employs knowledgeable staff that can assist you in any questions, queries or concerns regarding your documentation or your overall move. We’re here to make it easier and to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is completed succinctly and successfully for your move abroad.

We’ve been moving customers around the world for over a decade. Our dedicated and professional team will arrive prepared with the right equipment to get the job done carefully and efficiently. Move abroad with the feeling of freedom with Orbit Moving.

By Adi Shaked