When you’re moving abroad, one of your top concerns is making sure that your belongings arrive at your destination intact. There are two primary methods of shipping belongings overseas: air and ocean freight. Which one is right for you? This post will deal with the pros and cons of shipping your goods by air.

How Does Shipping by Air Work?

Shipping by air essentially involves sending your belongings on a cargo plane. The process is somewhat similar to shipping your belongings by boat in that you have to pack them in boxes, fill out forms and hand them over to a shipping company, which delivers the boxes to the airport.

The Pros of Air Shipments

There are a few advantages of using air shipping instead of ocean freight. Firstly, air shipments can take a matter of days to arrive. Ships, on the other hand, sail for weeks or even months before they reach a port.

Secondly, airplanes run on tight schedules – they have to. Airlines pay fines if they run late. So if it’s shipped by air, you’re virtually guaranteed to receive your shipment when it’s scheduled to arrive. That’s not the case with ocean freight. Weather can delay ships for days, if not weeks. In addition, it’s not uncommon for ships to make frequent stops to take on more cargo. Cargo planes generally don’t make stops – they fly until they reach their destination.

The Cons of Shipping by Air

There are two sides to every coin, and that certainly applies to shipping goods by air. The biggest drawback of air shipments is definitely cost. Shipping by air costs a lot more than shipping by boat. Although cargo planes have huge holds designed to hold large quantities, the biggest cargo plane still can’t hold as much as a typical ocean freighter. The limited space translates into higher shipping costs.

Because cargo planes don’t have the same storage capacity as ships, you can’t send as many of your belongings by plane. If you want to ship items of furniture or other heavy, bulky items, your only choice is ocean freight.

In addition, more safety regulations affect airplanes than boats. There is a long list of items you can’t ship by air, including aerosol cans, lithium batteries and magnetized materials. They could explode while in the air or interfere with the plane’s navigation systems. Ships have fewer restrictions on hazardous materials.

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By Adi Shaked