Many people ship their goods via ocean freight when they’re moving internationally. It’s a cost-effective option, although it takes weeks for your belongings to arrive at your new destination.

There is an alternative to ocean freight: shipping your belongings by air might be an option if you want them there faster. However, there are limits on what you can ship by plane. Read on to learn what sorts of items you can and can’t send via air.

Bulky, Heavy Furniture

Cargo planes are quite large. That doesn’t mean that you can ship items of any size, though. There are weight and size restrictions on shipping items on an airplane.

Let’s say your Aunt Ruth left you a beautiful dining room set, and you want to ship it to your new home in Paris. The table and twelve chairs will take up too much space on the plane. You’ll have to ship them by sea.

Hazardous Items

On the ground, so many household items are perfectly innocent and aren’t considered hazardous in the slightest. However, when they get into the air – it’s another story.

Let’s take batteries for example. Many of the batteries that power today’s toys, tools, cell phones and other modern devices we can’t do without can actually explode in airplane cargo holds and cause uncontrollable fires. Some airlines have banned the shipment of lithium ion batteries altogether.

Magnetized materials have also made the no-go list for air shipments. Magnetization can interfere with the plane’s navigation systems, which could cause it to crash.

You might not think that your bottle of perfume or nail polish would be a hazard, but you can’t ship it by plane. Cologne, perfume and nail polishes contain flammable materials. If there was a fire on board the aircraft, these items would accelerate the blaze.

What Can You Ship by Air?

While there’s a long list of things you can’t ship by air, there are many things you can still send on a plane.

As long as the items aren’t flammable, pressurized, magnetized, toxic, explosive, infectious or too big or bulky, you can ship it by air. You should also check the relevant laws and regulations of the country to which you’re moving – you might discover that the ivory chess set your uncle gave you years ago is prohibited in a number of locales. You can definitely ship items such as books and clothes, provided they’re clean and not contaminated by any hazardous materials.

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By Adi Shaked