So you’re planning an international move. One major thing you need to consider is shipping. When you’re getting ready to ship your belongings internationally, you have a couple of choices: you could ship them on an airplane or on a cargo boat. While air shipments have their advantages, so does ocean shipping. Read on to learn more about why ocean freight can be a better shipping option for you.


When it comes to cost, shipping your things on a boat is the cheaper option.  Airlines calculate shipping costs on chargeable weight. The term “chargeable weight” refers to a combination of the weight and size of a shipment.

Shipping companies that use boats, on the other hand, tend to bill customers based on the size of the shipment rather than the weight. When you’re shipping your belongings by boat, they’ll be packed into containers. Containers come in standard sizes. Let’s say your shipment takes up less than a full container. The shipping company will charge you based on how many cubic meters it takes up.


Part of the reason that shipping things via air is more expensive than by boat is because boats have significantly more room for storage.

Planes are large vehicles, especially the cargo variety. However, ocean freighters are much bigger. They can hold a lot more. Consequently, you can ship greater quantities. You want to ship your grandmother’s dining set? A boat can accommodate your needs. Planes weren’t built to carry such heavy or large loads.

A Greater Variety of Permitted Goods

Airlines have restrictions on what you can bring on board. There are a number of items that affect cabin pressure and the safety of the flight. For example, you can’t ship aerosol cans on a plane.

Ships have fewer restrictions on what you can ship because they don’t have the same safety issues as planes. You can ship aerosols by boat, for example.

Environmental Impact

Shipping your goods by boat has a lower environmental impact than air freight. For some people, this is an important consideration.

Boats emit far less carbon dioxide than planes. In addition, the international ocean freight industry is constantly working to improve this shipping method’s environmental friendliness. Industry organizations have set standards for ships’ fuel efficiency.

Moreover, the ocean freight industry has been very proactive about managing waste and recycling materials. Shipping containers are constantly reused, and those that need to be “retired” can find new life as storage units or even offices in remote locations.

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By Adi Shaked