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COVID-19 is changing a lot about the way we live. When it comes to travel many are under a directive to self-quarantine or self-isolate when they return from abroad or after a move. When you’re returning ‘home’ from travel, it’s likely that you have a pantry full of some basic staples, knowledge of local delivery services, and a network of friends and family to help drop off essentials until you’ve finished your time in solitude. When you’re charting new territory in an international move toward your new home, there are added challenges and barriers. This is where the Scout Motto to always “Be Prepared” comes in handy. Here are five tips to help prepare for mandatory self quarantine during your international move.

Find Out the Rules & Timing for Self-Isolation

Many places require people, even those with no symptoms, go into a mandatory period of self-isolation of at least 14 days upon entering the country. This often includes a quarantine that cannot involve staying with those deemed a part of vulnerable communities (i.e. over 65 or those who have underlying medical conditions). For those who do not have an adequate place to self-isolate, they may contact the head public health officer in the country they are travelling to in order to find an appropriate place to hunker down. For those who are entering the country as front-line workers, connect with officials to determine what rules are applicable for you and your family. Should you begin to show any symptoms of COVID-19 during your self-isolation period and beyond, notify the appropriate health officials immediately.

Know How To Travel From The Airport

Much like the game of Monopoly, when you arrive in your new country you must go directly into self isolation; you can’t stop and pick up supplies on your way there, nor can you entertain guests. Many countries do not allow for those travelling from the airport to take public transit to their new home, but instead you must take an approved mode of transportation (usually a taxi) and you will be required to wear a non-medical mask or face-covering while travelling to the place where you will self-quarantine. Find out the rules in advance and follow them!

Get The Basics

By ensuring that you arrive with a cell phone with reception you can prepare for other potential obstacles, like it taking a day or two or for your internet or home phone to get connected. Attempt to make arrangements for internet, phone, cable etc. to be set up before you arrive. Work with a reputable international mover to ensure your packed essentials arrive on a schedule that will work for you. If your move is for work you can have someone from your organization head to your place to test this out on your behalf, and have contact with the appropriate internet service providers since you won’t be able to once you arrive, for several weeks. In addition to this, that co-worker may also be able to drop off the items required to allow you to begin work remotely, since you won’t be permitted to go into work for some time in most instances.

Order Food Like A Pro

Research delivery services before you leave and, if you can, place your order before your move to ensure that the items will arrive on your doorstep just in time. More and more grocery stores and delivery services are making contactless delivery a part of their services. If all else fails, pizza delivery will have to do, just be sure to let the people know that you are in self-quarantine and they’ll need to knock, leave the food, and go.

Staying Social, Together Alone

This is where having a working internet connection is important. Just because you can’t see people face-to-face for some time, it doesn’t mean that you can’t stay in touch. Utilize networking sites like Facetime, Zoom Meetings, and Facebook Video to keep connected with friends and family, while you isolate. Use online gaming platforms to keep up with a weekly card game, Words With Friends, or other virtual games to stay in touch and engaged with the outside world. If all else fails, never underestimate the power of a phone call.

Stay healthy, safe and take care of each other!

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