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Just want to thank Orbit moving, for their great service. I was concerns about my move to the UK , but you kept me informed all thru the process and everything was delivered as promised without any breakage In the shipment.

Your contacts were very helpful here in Northern Ireland, and I would highly recommend your company to anyone moving overseas. I believe my daughter and son in law , will be moving over here eventually , and I will of course recommend you to them  when that time should arise.

Thanks again,   Dennis Orr


I would like to thank Adi and the Orbit team for making my urgent move from Toronto to Dhaka, Bangladesh not only achievable, but also as painless as possible for an incredibly reasonable price. After having dealt with an unreliable moving company in Toronto, I was relieved to have found Orbit willing to help me only five days before I was leaving the country. The entire staff handled my intense situation professionally and effectively while providing me with the assurance and comfort of knowing that my shipment was in trusted hands.


Not only did the staff at Orbit make my move possible, they additionally assisted me with packing my shipment properly in strong, custom double wall boxes to ensure it would arrive in one piece. They offered to store my shipment in their warehouse for a week and transported it to the airport for me; thus preventing additional hassles for me at customs in Bangladesh.



I will forever be grateful to the staff at Orbit for going above and beyond in helping me with my last minute situation. My shipment arrived in Dhaka on time and in one piece! Thank-you again to Adi and the Orbit team, I highly recommend your company to anybody sending a shipment of any size abroad and plan to use your services again in the future.



Thanks again Adi, everything arrived in perfectly and I am especially grateful for your help repacking the boxes… I could definitely see some wear and tear on the boxes when they arrives, but NOTHING was broken!! I have passed along your business cards here in Bangladesh to all the international teachers… hopefully you will see some business come your way.



Danielle Baird

International School Dhaka

Dhaka, Bangladesh






Dear Adi,



I would like to thank you for your excellent service. Our shipment has arrived last week and the entire experience was painless.

We were happy with the level of service we got both in Canada and in Israel. Everyone we have been in touch with was very professional.

We will highly recommend your company to all our friends.

Thank you again for everything,


Neta Sal-Man






Dear Gera



cannot even begin to describe the excellent, service I got from Orbit moving.  This is the second time I have use their services and I would never consider doing business with another company. They provide service beyond what is expected. Anything to make the move go smoothly and with no problems, they do. The staff is so helpful and warm. This is the only company to use for your moves.


Alisa Abrahams









Hi Adi



We received the goods on Tuesday of last week.

The workers were efficient and cordial as they were in Toronto. They put the boxes where we asked them to.

Once again the service from A to Z-from Toronto to Ma’aleh Adumim was excellent and I have highly recommended Orbit to anyone who will listen.

Keep up the good work.


Andy Grossman







Hi Matt,


thank you for your help with our move!  Every word below is true.

The team you sent to our home yesterday was the absolutely top-notch.

Ivan was smart, respectful and hard working and I’m beyond impressed with

the entire team.  THANK YOU!


Dear Orbit Moving Company,


It is with extreme gratitude that I write this note to you.  We have moved our family five times in the past ten years and Orbit Moving Company is by far the best company we have ever used.  Matthew helped us understand the customs process and was very patient with our numerous questions about our international move.  Furthermore,  the foreman and crew were extremely capable, intelligent, diligent and respectful and they far exceeded our expectations.


The foreman, Ivan, took control of the situation and put me at ease from the moment he entered our home.  I gave him a tour of the home and I felt like he was on my “team”. I was alone with the movers and every single box was where I asked it to be!  We have a four story single family home and I have four children so having every item exactly where it should be was truly unbelievable.  They were hard working and took great care to make sure that I was satisfied with where every single item delivered.  They were truly amazing and I would strongly recommend Orbit Moving company to all of my friends and family.  I would never consider using anyone else in the future.


Thank you to your staff for making my international move so wonderful, you are truly the best.




Susan Metcalfe

April 2013





I heard about this company from a friend that was also a satisfied customer.

I had some personal belongings left over in Canada and wanted to move them to Florida.

I was very impressed with this moving experience from packing to unpacking. Orbit took care of everything from start to finish. I received all my personal belongings in perfect condition, not even a single scratch!

I would definitely recommend Orbit to anyone planning an international move.



Gil Hetzroni

Pompano Beach, FL, USA







This year has been one hectic ride for Deborah and I, and while we are now on a short vacation we wanted to take the time to thank all of you for your support.

The complexity of our move from Israel to Toronto and Philadelphia, was handled with professionalism and expertise by everyone associated with the Teva – Sonigo – Orbit – Flatrate team, and for that we are very appreciative.

We know that much planning, effort and multiple country coordination went into orchestrating our move, and again we want to pause for a moment and thank all of you.

We hope to remain in one place now for a few years, but you can count on a call at some point in the future, to again assist.


Thank you to such a terrific team.



Best regards,

Allan Oberman  – President & CEO

Teva Americas Generics






Just used Orbit for a 2nd time to ship the balance of my belongings to Canada I am grateful for this company.

the quote it got was for $3200 and I actually paid less!!!!!

One the shipment was picked up, the sales person called me and advised me that the volume of the shipment was smaller so they reduced the charges for me.

Unbelievable service. I would recommend them to all my friends.


Nitza K


Toronto, ON

Oct 2013





Hi Adi. Just wanted to let you know that our container was delivered to our home yesterday. It only took them 2 hours to unload all the boxes. The movers were polite and professional.

I want to thank you for the great service your company provided. Just to let you in on a secret… we never did seek another quote after you came to visit us that evening in Toronto… We were both taken by your sincerity and honesty and we were correct in our assessment.


Thanks again for arranging the fee waiver with Zim. It did end up saving us quite a few shekels.

If you need any references of prospective customers please do not hesitate to include our names.


Shalom from Teverya.

DeAnne and Moshe






Dear Adi,


This is our second international moving experience and the first time with Orbit.

This time, it went so smoothly that I gladly offered to provide a recommendation for your company.

As such, with this brief letter, I wish to attest to the professionalism, courtesy, neatness, politeness of your moving crew in Canada, to the timely delivery, and especially to the “no unpleasant surprises” door-to-door service that you offered.









I was literally afraid when I had to move from Canada to Portugal as neither I knew any Portuguese nor I knew any soul there. But thanks to Orbit Moving, my skepticism vanished and I had a trouble free move. I had heard a lot about Orbit Moving and that was the reason I hired them. Now I think that it was the best decision I made. I faced no issues in Toronto or in Lisbon. Highly recommended to everyone who is looking for a trouble free international move. Thank you once again Orbit Moving to make my moving to Lisbon smooth and trouble free.


Martin G.

Toronto, ON






Everything about Orbit Moving seems like a fairytale. From packing my belongings to taking them to the port, Orbit Moving assured me and helped me in making my move to USA impeccable. Not only this, my belongings reached me unscathed at my NYC address within the stipulated time. I highly recommend Orbit Moving as they know exactly what it takes to make an overseas move successful. I am moving with Orbit Moving again and always as these are the best overseas movers I have come across in my life. Good job guys. Sending my best wishes from Manhattan.


Elchanan Rotstain

Manhattan, NY, USA







To: Orbit team.


It was a pleasure dealing with Orbit. Thanks a lot for having made this part of my move so easy. I would definitely recommend Orbit to other expats.

The Orbit crews were very professional. Orbit people were always ready to answer any question in a timely manner.


Best regards,

Vincent Mestdagh

Firestone Building Products Canada






Dear Jerome and Adi,



We finally arrived in Toronto and accessed email and wanted to take a moment to acknoweldge the incredible experience we had with our move thus far. The team that came to our apartment, Barry, Marshall and David worked so very hard at making sure that every single item was properly wrapped, moved and loaded. They were incredibly courteous and helped us with every need and addressed each and every concern that we had about this huge undertaking, You have an incredible team of people working for you and I must say that they made what was incredibly difficult for us as smooth and calm as possible. I had every confidence in their abilities and I am so pleased with their help and professionalism.


Thank you for the amazing support with this leg of the move and we look forward to meeting your team at our destination in Israel.

Rosa and I thank you.

Have a wonderful day.


Judith 🙂





Dear Ronit,


I moved from London to Toronto and used Orbit services ,  My experience was worth every penny I spent. The crew was exceptional. They were relaxed, cheerful, worked VERY hard, went the extra mile, were compassionate with my stress, supportive and really just a lot of fun! The crew made what is usually a terribly stressful day into a fairly relaxing and pleasurable day!


It was a great service from the beginning to the end I will sure recommend Orbit International Moving


Sharon F.

Toronto, ON










I would like to thank you for the exellent service  that you gave me and to my wife on our return to Israel.

You and  Adi helped us all the way with the shipment of our goods  back home. I would like to thank your staff that came to our house to pack .They were efficient and professional and everything was done on time.


Thank you

Yair Grayevsky

Chief Representative of

Bank Leumi in Canada






We recently used Orbit’s services for international shipping. Orbit’s service was amazing from the very first estimate to the actual arrival of our belongings. Adi’s guidance was extremely helpful and professional and the packing was done extremely well. All of our belongings arrived safely and we would like to thank you for this exceptional service!


I have no doubt we will be using your services in the future should we require them. I offer this recommendation without hesitation and I am sure that whoever use your services will be very pleased.



Thanks again for your professionalism and great work!


Amir & Michele






Dear Gera and Adi



I thank you very much for the wonderful service i have received from you and the team at orbit

All went well , There  was a small issue with the movers here in Israel since the sofa did not enter from entrance door and they had to bring it  from the window, i paid a small fee extra and we have settled it, no big deal.

The service from day one when Adi came to my house with a proposal and every step of the way after was for me a wonderful experience


The most professional service i ever experienced. the team that packed were amazing and all worked well.

I also would like to thank Noam here in Israel that handled everything in most professional and kind way.

No need to say that i will defiantly will give warm recommendation to whoever I know is in need for  such service.



Best regards to you Adi and team

Dalia Shahar

Branch Manager

Peerless Travel






Hi Adi,


We would like to thank you and your team for organizing the moving of our belongings oversees.

Your team made significant efforts to resolve the issues caused because of the shipping line delay and to make sure that clearance and delivery was organized in the best possible way.

The professional packaging of our things by your team also ensured that everything arrived in excellent condition.


We would therefore be happy to recommend Orbit to anyone planning an international relocation.

Thanks a lot for taking care of our stuff and good luck with everything.







Hi Adi,



I wanted to thank you very much for the EXCELLENT job your team did! It has been the second time that I used your company and both times were amazing!

I really appreciate your kindness and patience through the process. everything has arrived in perfect condition. I am sure that I will use your services again in the future.

Thanks again and best wishes,








We heard about Orbit from other satisfied customers — and they were right! We got good, personal service and advice in making the arrangements for shipping household goods from Toronto, many of them fragile, thousands of miles by sea. The people who came to the house really knew how to pack. they were efficient, friendly, neat and clean. Nothing was damaged or broken during the several times the goods were handled and during the long trip by sea. The agents chosen by Orbit to serve us on the other side of the water were equally attentive, cooperative and helpful. We were very pleased.


Thank you for all your assistance and good work,


Harvey and Phyllis Narrol






Hi Alla,



I just wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation to you and your company for an exceptional job. Believe it or not, this was the third different company that I have gone through, repeating the exact same process in the past year and a half. My experiences with the other two were terrible, in an extreme sense of the word. Both had hidden clauses in their contracts and they routinely overcharged me at the tiniest opportunity (one charged me for keeping my shipment over the weekend as my items had arrived on a Friday, the same day they did with yours), they provided no help at Customs, and their staff was exceptionally rude (I even considered taking one of them to court).



Based on all of that, it was indeed a shocking surprise in how well I was treated by your staff and how thoroughly organized you had made the whole process. I remember calling your office a day or two before New Years, you weren’t there, and I immediately called my father to tell him that “this time its going to be different, I felt it in the way my call was handled.” Your representative who met me at customs was a true gentleman, highly polite and patient. The movers had a constant smile (which is exactly what I want to see!) on their face and were so cooperative that one of them even went to the extent of clearing some of the snow from my driveway! They placed all of my boxes exactly the way that I wanted them to, and were models of patience throughout.



Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would recommend your company in a heartbeat! God Bless,



Matin Qureshi






Dear Gera,



I would like to this the time to say that it was a “pleasure” to work with both ORBIT and MORENO moving services. From the quoting,  to the  time the furniture was picked up in Toronto, to when it was delivered to my home in Mexico, the whole process went very well.


The movers that came to my house in Toronto were very knowledgeable, and packed the furniture/objects  in a smart way , so nothing broke in the move. Then the movers in Mexico unpacked, and very carefully placed my objects in the required place, and were very courteous , and even arrived early.


Thank you very much and I would be happy to recommend  both companies to your future customers.



Carl Johns






Hi Adi, thanks for your interest, in following up our consignment from Canada..

The local agent Ceva Logistics were very good, coordinating to get the paperwork sorted, and for liaising with my wife, especially as she was returning from holiday, to make sure the container arrived at the best possible time for us……which it did.

Ceva had a small army of people to unload, unpack, and assemble those things we needed assembling. They managed all of this without issue, and took away all the original packing materials.


I have to say it’s all gone very well. We very happy with the end to end service……the care, and attention to detail in Canada, ensuring all our things were carefully and expertly packed, despite the freezing temperatures and snow, the progress updates as our container made its way here, through to the prompt arrival here in Oman, clearing through customs and the local services provided by Ceva. All very efficient, on time, and safe.


We would have no trouble recommending your services in the future.



Paul Stringer






You picked up our boxes in early May, for shipping to Netanya.

We have just finished most of the unpacking. We wanted to tell you that everything arrived in excellent condition. Also, we were very satisfied with the service from both Orbit and Sonigo.


Thank you,

Anna and Michael








Just wanted to express my thanks for a move well done.

Thanks to your prompt guidance, there were no surprises with the Canadian Customs and Edward and his team was very courteous, efficient and professional in their conduct. Overall it was a very pleasant experience. Much appreciated!


Prantik Biswas






Hi Gera,


I just wanted to thank you for all your flexibility and help throughout the process.  It has been great.  Also, I wanted to let you know the movers were amazing – professional, efficient, pleasant, overall great.  I hope to work together again, and will definitely recommend you!









Adi, Good Morning!



My family joins me to THANK YOU and your team for the excellent job done in organizing our move from Guelph. I must mention that the packing could not have been done better! All the personnel involved in this move were very courteous and professional. For sure I will need your help in future and definitely recommend Orbit to my colleagues. You should be proud to have such a dedicated team of people.


Thanks to you and your team at Canada and Dubai.

Regards, Santanu Mishra


GM (Contracts)

Dodsal Engineering and Construction Pte. Limited





Dear Ksenia, Adi and the packers at Orbit,



I cannot tell you how much I was dreading this move. When I first met Adi, I was impressed by the strength of his convictions about moving with Orbit-it was more than just a sales pitch and I believed him. Am I glad that I did.



From the delivery of the boxes when they said they would be delivered, to the courteous and prompt answers to my many questions, I was impressed by how my move was handled. I have moved 8 times in the last 20 years mostly between Canada and the US and I have used all of the majors with mixed results. Suffice it to say that I never will again.



What impressed me the most and I feel must be mentioned was the unbelievable job done for me by the 3 men who showed up to pack me in Toronto. They were warm, charming, efficient and professional but what blew me away, frankly, was the remarkable way in which they got all of my belongings into the container. The team who unpacked me in the UK mentioned the brilliant job that the Toronto team did as well. Please thank them again for me.



I am now in my ‘new’ 250 year old home and all of my things arrived in perfect condition. While I have not unpacked everything, I am certain that everything will be fine. The team at this end did an amazing job as well-the job was done in 3 hours, neatly and efficiently with the same attention to detail. I could not be more impressed and would be happy to recommend Orbit to any prospective customer. Please feel free to post my letter-I am proud to endorse a company that served me so well.



Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for a job, more than well done. It is rare these days to work with a company like yours.


From a grateful client,


Dany Brainin







Dear Mr Birk



I wanted to write to put on record my gratitude for the excellent service my family and I received from your company during our recent move from the UK to Canada.


We have moved many times in the past 10 years (including two previous international moves) and I can safely say that the performance of you and your colleagues made this the smoothest and best move by a considerable margin.


In particular, I welcomed the prompt and friendly communication which has featured throughout the move, and the high quality of the staff we have dealt with.


When your team arrived at our new home with all our goods (that you had been storing for us for a year) they executed the move efficiently, respectfully and responsibly. Best of all, the entire crew were smiling and joking all day long, even at the end of a long shift of moving and lifting. Having had previous experiences with movers who were sullen and grumpy about doing the job they were being paid for, your men’s attitude was a breath of fresh air. They were also very resourceful about handling some of the larger and more awkward items that, inevitably, we needed to get into small and difficult spaces.


Once again, I can’t thank you enough for the amazing service we have received from Orbit IML and I would have no hesitation in  recommending your services to anyone.



Yours sincerely,

Joe Houlihan

Executive Vice President of Programming

Cineflix Canada






Dear Orbit Movers,



Thanks so very much to you and your staff for an excellent overseas move.

All aspects of the service you delivered were exemplary and I was most impressed with your office staff who were knowledgeable about customs and kept us up to date throughout the process.  The moving crew were helpful, curteous and energetic. Overall an excellent experience.  Please feel free to use me as a reference for your future customers.


Kind Regards, Kelly Hart


Toronto – Dubai






Hi Adi:


Our lift arrived yesterday and we are almost all unpacked. Everything came in perfect condition, not a scratch. The people here are very professional and we will recommend you and them to anyone. My niece got her 34 boxes. She has moved many times but told me she has never seen things so well wrapped.

Thanks for all your help.


David Rotenberg






Dear Adi,


I just want to let you know that my container arrived safely at my new place of residence in Jerusalem. Your staff were courteous and very helpful during the move. I want to acknowledge your Israeli representative, Norman Soloman. He was very supportive and patient during this very challenging time in my life. In any large organization your front line people play a vital role in your company’s success. Norman went above and beyond the call of duty for me many times. I feel that it  is important to recognize employees like Norman. Please pass on my regards to him.


My overall experience with Orbit Moving was excellent. You are welcome to use my name as a reference to any future Olim. Thanks again for taking care of my move,


It was a very positive experience that i will certainly share with any customer asking.



Sincerely,  Howard Osterer






Hi Adi,



We wanted to thank you for everything, really. You were right about every detail and you prepared us so we had no surprises. Once everything arrived it was quickly released thanx to your people here in Israel. Thanks again we apriciate everything.

Lior and Miriam Goldstein






Dear Mr. A.Shaked.


This is with the greatest regard and gratitude…that we wanted to let you know how pleased and satisfied we were with the services of….ORBIT INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS…. and you mr. Shaked particularly for your personal touch and care . as hard as it was to move away from


Canada after so many years ..you have made it easier for us. thanks again or like they say here in ISRAEL…Toda Raba .we are highly recommending the great services of.. ORBIT & MR Shaked .to anyone.


Amnon Schwartz & Roger Djeddah






Hi Gera,Ronit & Adi,


We FINALLY  got our container last week and almost have finished unpacking most boxes and all furniture. We are just wordless and amazed how well you packed everything and loaded it on to the container in a professional manner-all  with so much care !! Everything is in great condition ,just the way we had it in our house in Toronto. Not even a single dish (even the finest ones!) or furniture has been damaged!


This was a big light and relief at the end of a long & not an easy journey….


We appreciate a lot your great service and support during the last three months..


Wishing you much success and hopefully no more strikes in the Israeli ports.


Best Regards,


Judy & Avi Leshem




Dear Tomy,


I have to tell you that the deciding factor in choosing Orbit was simply because of you.


It is not only your professionalism, but also your personal attitude of care and concern in dealing with me as an individual that made me decide to go with Orbit.  This is a huge undertaking for me at this point in my life and it is proving to be more stressful than I had anticipated.


You have been most kind and thoughtful and I want you to know that I greatly appreciate it.  Companies must realize that their greatest assets are their employees who deal directly with their customers on their behalf.  You are exemplary in this respect.


In today’s world, values such as “customer service” and “the personal touch” may seem archaic and hard to come by, but there are those of us who still see them as elements of a more civilized society.


Thank you for all your support.  It is important and reassuring to me, doing this on my own, to know that I can rely on you.







Dear Adi,



We want you to know, now that we are down to the last three boxes, that — with the exception of one battered lampshade — everything in our lift arrived in good order, and in better time than we had anticipated.


As we told you on the day our lift was packed, your crew in Toronto was excellent and a pleasure to work with. On this end, the Eagle crew was also efficient and pleasant. So, we can say that we were quite satisfied with everything connected with the packing, shipping, and delivery of our lift from Toronto to Jerusalem — and we thank you and Orbit for it.


I trust that all is well with you and your family. Judy and I wish you all a “shana tova u’metuka.”


Marvin Pachino






Dear Adi,


As we are now hearing shipment horror stories from friends (their lift was sent to Turkey!) we want to thank you for the fantastic services you provided during our moving process.  Our shipment arrived quickly and with everything intact.  We know that there are often issues on the Israel end (at the port, etc) that are out of your control but those issues were dealt with quickly and with professionalism.  We will be recommending you to our numerous friends who plan to move to Israel in the next few years.


Matt and Jenna Mintz





Dear Adi ,


Certainly the service of Packing , Unpacking & shipping of  our goods by Orbit Movers was at par & excellent . We can say it was a smooth, safe & perfect transition. As such shipping put all anxieties at zero level & brought delight on our face at the receipt of goods .


Thank you very much for your excellent service.


Best Regards ,


Bella Shah







The shipping company from Orbit just left my apartment; in less then 3hrs they packed, organized and moved everything in such a professional and courteous manner that it made me regret I didn’t use them before. Both staff, Yuri and Ivan, were incredible, polite, helpful but above all very professional and experienced and it made the entire experience pleasant. I want you to now this so that you can highly recommend Adi for any future shlichim who come or leave – I am Rosh shaket” knowing I’m in such good hands.


Shabbat shalom









Dear Adi



We would like to thanks you so much for Your service, shipping our luggage from Toronto to Israel. The service was fast, efficient and very professional. Whenever we raised any concern we always got a fast and satisfying answer.


We came back home from 3 years of very interesting mission overseas. With all the difficulties of moving the family back, it was great to know that our luggage is in good hands.


Many thanks again,

Inbal and Itai Ziedenberg,

Kibutz Beit Kama, Israel





Consulado General de la Republica Argentina



Dear Sir/Madam:



I am Writing this note to thank you for processing our International moving from Canada to Argentina in such an expeditious manner.

The attention given to our request by <strong>Mr. Adi Shaked </strong>is most appreciated.  As well as, his due diligence and commitment to assist us should be praised and thanked.


Your staff demonstrated they are knowledgeable and remarkably efficient which could not remain unnoticed. I would be delighted to recommend your company at any time.


Yours truly,

Horacio Martinez Adalid

Consul General of Argentina






Dear Adi,


I would like to thank you most sincerely for your excellent service and the highly Professional way in which you handled my family’s recent move. Our household items were packed and handled with care and at all times we knew we were in reliable hands. We also appreciate your company’s friendly attitude. Once again, thank you for everything. You helped to take the stress out of moving.


Best Regards,

Ya’acov Brosh


Consul General of Israel






Adi &amp; Gera ,


Hello from Dorset England.


We are going to start by saying ” If there were awards for the best moving experience, your Company has to be number one “.


Moving Country from Canada can be an ordeal, but your Company made everything go so perfectly. From your quote, to the packing and sealing of our container, your professionalism was next to none. Your workers were polite and hard working. A real pleasure. The packing was excellent, everything has now been unpacked and in it’s new home!


It is with grateful thanks from Alan and I that our move went easier than we could have ever anticipated.




Diane &amp; Alan Geary






Adi & Gera (Orbit Logistics):


I want to thank you for putting our minds at ease.  When making the decision to move overseas we knew it was going to be a huge undertaking.  Our concerns of packing, storing, shipping and unpacking were drastically reduced when first speaking with you.


You gave us all the necessary and accurate information about our container and it’s contents.  You did not ‘sugar coat’ the potential problems.  Your team came on time, packed very well and was able to organize the container to fit all our contents (it was close).


When the container arrived it was in the parameters that you told us.  The team that unpacked was also reliable and efficient.  In our case there was not a broken dish on delivery.  If there was we would have been covered because of your recommendations of insurance.


We would be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone making such a move.




Spencer &amp; Sharon Woodrow






Dear Consumer:



During the last year we have moved from Canada to Israel.  We have had a large number of experiences with movers and trades people as we moved into our new home in Israel.  We had renovations done and had other items moved within Israel.  We have had both satisfactory experiences, and those that were less so. However, without a doubt, the company which consistently met and exceeded our expectations was Orbit Movers. The distinguishing characteristic of the company is their people.  From Gera and Adi in Toronto, to the gentleman in Israel who handled the move on this side of the world, each person was professional.  They took the time to explain what would be happening and when.  They were pleasant and helpful throughout all of our questions. Although the payment to the company is quite simple, the taxes and other


fees as the lift arrives in Israel is quite complex.  They took the time to explain all this ( a few times, I think), and in the end, the fees were as they said.  We did not have any surprises, which was very nice. Furthermore, the schedule that we were given was kept to and things proceeded as planned. Not only were the contact people wonderful, but the movers themselves were also very pleasant to work with.  The packing crew of people in Canada took really good care of our possessions, but were also sensitive to our home and took the time when moving items not to damage doors, etc.  They packed all our dishes, pictures and furniture with such care that I really could not have done better myself.  They worked quickly and were very polite. In Israel, the movers affiliated with Orbit who unloaded our lift,  were similarly careful with our items.  They placed them where we requested with the utmost care.  In fact, only one item was damaged (probably on the boat), and that was a specialty item, with such an odd shape, that it would not be right of us to blame the movers. They unpacked those (larger furniture) items that we requested be unpacked and did so with care as well. They were not hurried when doing their job.  By contrast, we had occasion to move other items that were already in Israel.  We used a different company and experienced horrible service, where our boxes were literally thrown around.



Of course, this made us only more grateful for the good service we received from Orbit. When we had issues with an item we had purchased (due to no fault of theirs), they remedied the situation to our satisfaction without any hassle and in a timely fashion. In conclusion, I would recommend Orbit without any hesitation whatsoever. You will receive friendly, secure and honest service at the very highest of levels.




Karyn and Robert Goldberger





Hi Adi,


I wanted to thank you for shipping my order, from Toronto to Israel, July 2006. Even though it was a war situation here in Israel, I got everything, and on time. I enjoyed working with you, and i know that even years from today, if I will need to ask you something or help with something, you will be willing to help. Thank you  for everything all the best,


Mary Chetrit






Dear Adi,


I was very impressed with your high level of concern and assistance. Your personal touch and professionalism certainly helped to relieve any anxieties that could result from relocating across the Atlantic.  I appreciated and definitely recommend your international moving companies Toronto and expertise to others requiring professional moving services.


Maya Nix, Lawyer


Petach Tikva , Israel






Hi Adi and Gera,


I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my move back to Israel, I am happy to say that everything arrived safely and in one piece.

Now all I need is to settle down and start my old/new life here, which so far proves to be not too difficult… Thanks again and I will be happy to recommend you guys to future customers.



Tal Shor






Dear Gera and Adi,


I want to take this opportunity to thank you both once again for your excellent service in shipping our belongings to Israel.  You were both very accessible and were very quick to return phone calls.  You made yourselves available to deal with any issue and/or questions regardless of time of day.  I would highly recommend your services as you are sincerely dedicated to making sure your customers are satisfied.


Sincerely, Norm Akierman






Dear Gera and Adi, I would highly recommend Orbit as both a shipping company and a store to purchase your 220 volt appliances in Toronto.  They shipped a container to Israel for us when we moved several months ago, and were very professional in all aspects, especially customer service.  They packed, shipped, delivered, and set up our furniture for us exactly according to our agreement.  Adi and Gera were courteous, knowledgeable, and responsible each step of the way.  I’m even using Orbit a second time to ship us additional appliances that we need!  Thanks for all your help!


Chana and Josh Pinto






Dear Adi,


We just want to say how happy we are with the service we got from your company. From beginning to end we were treated with professionalism and courtesy. The move went unbelievably smooth. we will definitely recommend your company to others who think of moving.


Lilac &amp; Allen Averbuck

Averbuck Orthopedic.






“I moved to Toronto from New York in September of 2004. I was dreading all the paperwork involved in clearing customs. However, once I arrived in Toronto, Adi met me at the Customs Offices. He took care of all the paperwork for me and once he cleared customs for me, his team delivered my furniture to my house within half an hour. The whole process was just a smooth transaction thanks to Adi and his team. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is planning a move to Canada. Thanks Adi!”


Hayley Durbach.

AdvanceWare Solutions, Inc.






“Gera, went above and beyond his duty. He helped us so much on the most stressful day of our lives. We can’t say enough good things about our experience with Orbit.”


M. Cohen, Nov. 2004






“Adi was a welcome voice to speak to during our recent move to Canada from California. The US selected moving company to transport our goods gave us nothing but unfulfilled promises and unnecessary stress. You however, showed what they did not, customer care and concern for our goods. You came through and did what had to be done to resolve our serious issues. Thanks for your assistance and support.”



Mark and Donna Gerard, Oct  2004






“We were impressed with the service we received. It was a pleasure to deal with Orbit international moving companies Toronto. Thanks you for making our moving day stress free! Our best regards to you.”



J. Oliveira July. 2004.






“You guys did a fantastic job. We were extremely pleased. Your crew made it look easy. I would recommend your company and particularly Mr. Jenia’s crew without question – excellent job.”



M. Ferreira






“Your crew was friendly and professional. They were courteous, thoughtful and careful with our belongings. We would happily recommend you to any family considering you guys for their move.”


A. Goldenberg






“I was so impressed by the techniques your crew used to protect my furniture. All my belongings arrived in the same condition they left my house in Toronto. I would highly recommend your company to others. I wish you many tears of success in your business. You are grate.



Udi B. Senior







“Adi, I would like to tell you, we were very hesitant of how to choose a moving company after all the stories we heard. I can now say that the experience with you was absolutely positive, the move was first rate. My wife and I would like to thank you all for making a very stressful day a real pleasure. Adi, you may feel free to use me as a reference. My best regards, ”



E. Farkash



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