Ship Moving to Hongkong

Is the distance of Hong Kong, but familiarity of a major city calling you abroad? Maybe you’re from a smaller town and the buzz of living in a big metropolis appeals to you. Whether it’s a major move for work or an item on a bucket list that has you looking into an international move to a big city, many of the same tips will apply. London, Hong Kong, New York, and beyond, here are five simple tips to help you manage your international move to any major city in the world.

Set Your Moving Date & Then Plan Backwards

An international move has a lot of steps. Time and organization will be the best way to ensure your move goes smoothly. This will allow you to budget time and money and create a plan that will allow you to pack up and move, and still have plenty of time to visit with friends and family before you set off for your new home. Hire a reputable mover to help you pack, store, and send your items to your new destination within your budget and timeline.

Big City Equals Smaller Home

Big cities are known for great nightlife and entertainment; however, they aren’t known for spacious living arrangements. The average size of an apartment in Hong Kong is just over 600 square feet, 495 for a London flat, and in Japan micro apartments that are roughly 100 square feet each are on the rise. This means you’ll want to cull items before you leave – donate, store, and only move essential items that you know you’ll need.

Big City Budgeting

It costs more money to live in a big city than a small town. ‘Big opportunity’ comes with high costs of housing, food, and transportation. Make sure that your budget allows for some room for unexpected expenses and the ‘big city tax’ needed to survive and thrive. Business Insider ranked the most expensive cities to live in around the world in 2019. Cities included in this list were: LA, Tel Aviv, New York, Copenhagen, Seoul, Osaka, Geneva, Zurich, and Hong Kong.

Job Hunt In Advance

If you don’t already have a job offer in hand it may be more difficult to obtain a work permit. It never hurts to hit the job boards before you move and get a few applications out before you’re unpacking at your new home. If you are employed, work with your employer well in advance to ensure there are no hiccups in obtaining a work visa before you leave home.

Research Your City

Look into housing items and neighbourhoods to figure out what you can afford, and map transit options to and from your work to make sure they’re convenient and logistically possible to fit in with your schedule. Look into weather on a month by month basis to figure out which items you need to pack to wear straight away, which items you’ll need to purchase, and which you can ship to arrive after you’ve settled in.

Moving During COVID-19

There are various rules and restrictions that vary country to country, region to region during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check in with your mover, employer, airline, and embassies to ensure that you are apprised of any changes or regulations that may impact the timing of your international move. Rely on the expertise and networks of a professional mover to ensure that your move is as smooth as possible during these uncertain times, so adjustments can be made to get your items to you as quickly and safely as possible. Stay healthy!

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