Orbit International Moving Logistics – A bonded storage facility

The importance of having a bonded warehouse in Canada:


Companies that deal with moving clients around the world via Ocean Freight, Air Cargo or land transport have a great advantage if they operate a bonded warehouse.

When clients ship overseas, they may want to purchase some items that they would like to ship.


They can purchase them from the Canadian retailer and had the items drop shipped to the international moving company’s bonded warehouse. By doing so, they should be exempt from Paying HST (Canadian VAT – Value Added Tax). Later when the goods get shipped overseas, the overseas mover will produce a BOL (Bill Of Lading) and provide it to the retailer. This will be the retails proof that the goods that they have sold really left the country.


On the other side, when shipping to Canada, the operator of the bonded warehouse, can keep the House Hold Goods and Personal Effects of the client at their bonded facility called a “Sufferance warehouse”, prior to the customs clearance process. This will save a lot of money to the client since port storage is very expensive. Orbit International Moving Logistics is an operator of such a warehouse and we help clients save on excessive storage fees governed by the Canadian ports and terminals.


For US / Canada cross boarder shipments, If an international moving company does not operate a bonded warehouse, they cannot bring the client’s belongings across the border prior to the customs clearance, hence, the client will need to travel to the physical boarder to clear their goods. They can be a major inconvenience which can cause additional waiting time for the crew hauling the goods into Canada.


At Orbit, we can have the goods delivered to our own bonded storage facility and meet the client later for the customs clearance and a much more convenient location near by the final address.


To summarize this, it is priceless for the client to use Orbit international when moving or shipping to Canada since we have the appropriate facilities to handle the end of the move in a successful matter with no stress.