In this era of today’s flexible labor markets, people find themselves moving to great distances from their hometown home more than ever.
Nowadays, companies are flexible, their core competency, is shaped in the form of their ability to start and end business activities and locations based on a specific demand in time.

Due to this phenomena, companies like Orbit International Moving Logistics exist. Orbit was designed to help with overseas relocation or inter province / state move.

Starting a new job can be a stressful and an overwhelming experience, However, it does not have to be that way.

Orbit is an international mover specializing in relocating employees and other clients overseas or within Canada with great efficiency and experience.
From the knowledgeable, courteous and resourceful staff, the unique and custom packaging materials to the computerizes system, which helps document and trace every stage of the move, your goods are sure to be safe with Orbit.

Many years ago, Orbit came to a conclusion that in order to ship goods overseas and ensure the safe arrival, precautionary steps need to be taken.
The safety of Orbit’s client’s items is so important to Orbit that they have sent representatives around the world to witness how the items were being handled overseas. This gave Orbit great knowledge an incomparable competitive edge in 2 fronts:

1.      To choose the right partner overseas to handle the end part of the international move.

2.      Since packing is a crucial element to the safety of goods, Orbit has designed and uses custom packaging materials that can withstand the events that may happen to the client’s goods on their journey from Door to Door.

To summarize, it is important to choose the right international moving company when shipping overseas. Check what training programs they may have in place, what packing materials they use, If they operate their own bonded storage facility, if they use a computerizes system to label and document every items that is being moved or shipped. A little research will go a long way!