After many calls and emails with Israel Ministry of Standards (מכון התקנים) and the head of Meches – Personal Imports, we are now able to give the rules and format for importing a gas Bar-b-q Grill to Israel as personal import:

1 – These rules apply only to the import of new gas Bar-b-q’s. Other gas appliances are currently exempt from these rules and procedures.

2 – Any Gas Bar-b-q imported to Israel as personal import must be approved by Ministry of Standards.

3 – The cost for applying for an approval for a used grill is 14000 Shekels. This does not mean the grill will be approved – this is the cost for applying.

As such, this guide is only for new grills.

4 – The agent’s fee for the required services we must do is 500-700 Shekels (plus VAT).

5 – Before the shipment arrives, we will need the following:

               A – Passport Picture Page of the shipper (clear scan)

               B – Teudat Zahoot of the shipper (if Israeli) (clear scan)

               C – Invoice for the Gas Bar-b-q

               D – Specification sheet or link to online specifications

               E – The signed set of paperwork which we will supply (one form requires an Israeli Licensed Lawyer’s signature)

6 – We will process the file with Ministry of Standards to open the request. They will send us a request number which we will send to the shipper.

7 – The shipper must contact Ministry of Standards (once they have the request number) to pay a fee (usually 400-500 Shekels) for the inspection and fees.

8 – Once payment is received, Ministry of Standards will send us an approval to Meches (customs) to release the shipment.

9 – The shipment will be released, however the shipper must take the grill to Ministry of Standards (Tel Aviv office) within 30 days of shipment release for the inspection and approval.

(For shipments which will be going into storage before delivery, we can arrange for transportation to Ministry of Standards for a fee. Please check with us for costs)