Can a mover reject a move?


Normally movers will do anything to take on any move. However, there are several situations were a mover will decide not to take on a move.

During the summer months, all moving companies are extremely over worked. This is due to the fact that most people prefer to move during the summer. Due to that face, all moving companies hire temp workers to help with the work load.

This is a normal and acceptable practice. However, with some side notes:

  • The company need to make sure that the temps are well trained and know what they need to do
  • The moving company need to have the right composition on the crew of full timers and temps.


Some companies get tempted to take on more work then what they chew. Later, they would sort what jobs they want to keep and what jobs they want to disregard – depending on the profitability. By doing so, some clients are left without a mover.

It would be a responsible practice on the side of the international mover to know it’s limits and to only book jobs that they know they can accommodate and not leave a client high and dry on the last moment.