What is a Moving leads generator website?


There has been a trend in the past several years in the results shown when searching for a service, particular for the moving industry.
When you are searching the web for an international moving service, large corporations with deep pockets, advertise a website that caters to this specific search.

These websites in turn sell your information to 5-10 moving companies who then bid on your business. In many occasion, the companies that purchase these leads are moving brokers, (See Question – What is the difference between an actual international moving company and a Moving Broker?).

Selling leads are not always a bad thing. However, there seems to be a tendency in the market place to focus the quote solely on a low price and not to listen to the questions and concerns of the person who is moving. remember, the lowest quote will probably end up being the MOST expensive quote at the end of the process and with a bad experience.