Should I insure my shipment when shipping overseas?


This is a question that is based on the individual belief of each client.

Generally speaking, it is recommended to insure your shipment since it has a long way to go and normally, when shipping overseas, there are also multiple modes of transportation that are used to bring your shipment to its final destination.

There are two types of coverage:

  1.     Total Loss – the total loss of your shipment.
  2.     All Risk – Included the total loss and also includes the coverage for breakage.

The first option only covers until the destination port and the 2nd up until the residence.  The All Risk in an umbrella coverage from Door to Door. This is due to the face that in the event of Damage, no one knows exactly when or where it happened. So in the iontrest of protecting the client, this is an umbrella coverage

We recommend to cover the shipment at a value of the replacement value of the items. This is to protect the client, in the rare event of damage of loss, that they would have the sufficient funds to recover.