” Dear Tomy,

I have to tell you that the deciding factor in choosing Orbit was simply because of you.

It is not only your professionalism, but also your personal attitude of care and concern in dealing with me as an individual that made me decide to go with Orbit. This is a huge undertaking for me at this point in my life and it is proving to be more stressful than I had anticipated.

You have been most kind and thoughtful and I want you to know that I greatly appreciate it. Companies must realize that their greatest assets are their employees who deal directly with their customers on their behalf. You are exemplary in this respect.

In today’s world, values such as “customer service” and “the personal touch” may seem archaic and hard to come by, but there are those of us who still see them as elements of a more civilized society.

Thank you for all your support. It is important and reassuring to me, doing this on my own, to know that I can rely on you.

Sincerely, “