” Dear Consumer:

During the last year we have moved from Canada to Israel. We have had a large number of experiences with movers and trades people as we moved into our new home in Israel. We had renovations done and had other items moved within Israel. We have had both satisfactory experiences, and those that were less so. However, without a doubt, the company which consistently met and exceeded our expectations was Orbit Movers. The distinguishing characteristic of the company is their people. From Gera and Adi in Toronto, to the gentleman in Israel who handled the move on this side of the world, each person was professional. They took the time to explain what would be happening and when. They were pleasant and helpful throughout all of our questions. Although the payment to the company is quite simple, the taxes and other

fees as the lift arrives in Israel is quite complex. They took the time to explain all this ( a few times, I think), and in the end, the fees were as they said. We did not have any surprises, which was very nice. Furthermore, the schedule that we were given was kept to and things proceeded as planned. Not only were the contact people wonderful, but the movers themselves were also very pleasant to work with. The packing crew of people in Canada took really good care of our possessions, but were also sensitive to our home and took the time when moving items not to damage doors, etc. They packed all our dishes, pictures and furniture with such care that I really could not have done better myself. They worked quickly and were very polite. In Israel, the movers affiliated with Orbit who unloaded our lift, were similarly careful with our items. They placed them where we requested with the utmost care. In fact, only one item was damaged (probably on the boat), and that was a specialty item, with such an odd shape, that it would not be right of us to blame the movers. They unpacked those (larger furniture) items that we requested be unpacked and did so with care as well. They were not hurried when doing their job. By contrast, we had occasion to move other items that were already in Israel. We used a different company and experienced horrible service, where our boxes were literally thrown around.

Of course, this made us only more grateful for the good service we received from Orbit. When we had issues with an item we had purchased (due to no fault of theirs), they remedied the situation to our satisfaction without any hassle and in a timely fashion. In conclusion, I would recommend Orbit without any hesitation whatsoever. You will receive friendly, secure and honest service at the very highest of levels.

Sincerely, “

Karyn and Robert Goldberger