People might undertake an international move for personal or professional reasons. In some cases, the moving destinations come as a complete surprise to their friends and family. “Why do you want to move there?” they ask. We’ve compiled a list of three destinations that might raise some eyebrows, until you learn what draws people to these countries.


In 2014 (the most recent recorded data), approximately 26,500 people immigrated to Israel. This group was made of people from diverse national backgrounds –from Ethiopia to countries of the former Soviet Union, to France and North America.

What draws them to Israel? Jews believe Israel is their historic homeland, and that by moving there, they are fulfilling their destiny as a people. For Jews coming from countries such as Ethiopia or those from the former Soviet Union, Israel represents a safe haven free from violence and anti-Semitism.

Jews from North America are in a different situation. They aren’t fleeing persecution. A large number of these people immigrate to Israel for ideological reasons. However, they are also drawn to the beauty of the country. In spite of its size, Israel’s landscapes are highly varied – the country is home to a desert, mountains, forests and beaches.


While many people emigrate from India, there are a surprising number of people moving to the subcontinent. What attracts them to India?

In fact, many of the people who choose to move to India are children of Indian expatriates. They are familiar with the cultures and the languages, and they believe that there is untapped opportunity in the country. Other people who aren’t of Indian origin move to India because they want to pursue dreams that might be more difficult in markets that have already been saturated.

India’s rapidly growing economy and cultural shifts have made it a haven for aspiring entrepreneurs. For immigrants coming from Western countries, the cost of living is also much lower than at home. They can afford to hire servants to help with cooking and cleaning, giving them more time to spend with their family.


Twenty years ago, when people thought of Dubai, endless deserts came to mind. Now, the Gulf state is an economic powerhouse.

Dubai has attracted a great deal of foreign investment, and as a result, many foreign workers have flocked to the country. They don’t pay taxes on their earnings, and they find that they earn the same or higher salaries, yet the cost of living is lower.

There is a vibrant expatriate community that is involved in many activities, so you won’t feel as lonely or homesick when you move to Dubai.

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By Adi Shaked