In today’s interconnected world, people move for work or for personal reasons frequently. Sometimes, their friends, family and coworkers aren’t surprised by the international move, because that person has either expressed a deep interest in moving there or he or she already travels there a great deal for business. However, sometimes people move to places you wouldn’t expect, perhaps because of opportunities you never realized existed. Read on to learn more about some popular countries people are moving to that may surprise you.

Moving to Pakistan

 If you tell people you’re moving to Pakistan, you’ll most likely receive surprised reactions. “Why would you want to move there?” people will ask.

Pakistan is home to a number of multi-national corporations such as IBM, Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Siemens. If you move there for work, your salary will most likely be quite similar to what you were earning in Canada. The cost of living will be significantly lower, though.

Furthermore, if you’re of Pakistani descent, moving to Pakistan means that you will probably already speak the language and be familiar with the culture.

Moving to Saudi Arabia

Another surprising destination for expats is Saudi Arabia. Many people think of the country as a vast desert populated by nomads living on camels. While much of the country is uninhabited, there are many expats who live in this wealthy Gulf nation.

There are many expats who come from the West to work in Saudi Arabia. They are well-paid and have a high standard of living. When they come to Saudi Arabia, they join a thriving, tight-knit community of expats.

Just because you’re moving to Saudi Arabia for work doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities for leisure. On the contrary! Expats can avail themselves of swimming, water-skiing, fishing and sailing. The weather is perfect for these activities – it’s quite warm all year long, and it barely rains.

Costa Rica

Telling people you’re planning on moving to Costa Rica might draw some surprised looks. The small Latin American country is an increasingly popular destination for expats, though.

Why do people move to Costa Rica? Many of them choose to retire there. The cost of living is low; it is a stable democracy; there are reliable utility services and the country is gorgeous.

Another draw is that many locals speak English, so you won’t need to learn much Spanish (although picking up another language is a great activity for retirees).

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By Adi Shaked