There are so many little things you have to worry about when you move overseas. It’s hard to remember all of them, especially when you’re stressed about moving overseas from Toronto.
One of those little things is what to do with your mail when you’re moving overseas from Toronto. Read on to learn how to take care of this so you have peace of mind and a hassle-free move.

Get Help from Your Friends

The first option is to ask a friend to help you. You could redirect your mail to his or her address. It’s a simple and free step to take care of your mail.
There are drawbacks to this option, though. First of all, if your friend moves, that means your mail might move with him or her. Second, unless your friend (or someone else you know) will be traveling to your new home, when are you going to see your mail again?

Choose Mail Forwarding from Canada Post

The second option is to get your mail forwarded through Canada Post to your new home. This isn’t a free service, but it is significantly more reliable.

There are two types of mail forwarding: for permanent moves and for temporary relocation. Mail forwarding for permanent moves is if you’re not planning on returning to your original address, while mail forwarding for temporary relocation is meant for people who will be going abroad for a short period of time (such as snowbirds who travel to Florida for the winter).

The price of the mail forwarding service will depend how long you want to forward your mail and where you’re going. Mail can be forwarded from your home address or your personal postal box (there’s another option for businesses). You can purchase the service online or in-person at your post office. Sometimes, the online transaction doesn’t always go through. If that’s the case, you’ll receive a barcode online which you’ll need to take to the post office so you can purchase the mail forwarding services.

Remember that there are some things that Canada Post’s mail forwarding services don’t cover. Canada Post won’t forward parcels, prepaid envelopes, newspapers or fliers delivered by third parties. If you’re expecting parcels after you move overseas from Toronto, you’ll need to notify the sender so that he or she can mail the parcel to your new address.

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By Adi Shaked