You’re in Toronto, moving overseas. What do you pack for this new stage of your life? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably accumulated a great deal of stuff. What should you bring, and what should you leave behind?

This Toronto Moving Overseas Guide will help you figure out what to bring and where to pack it – read on for more details.

Where Are You Moving?

The destination of your Toronto moving overseas journey dictates what you should pack. If you’re moving to a warm climate, you won’t need your Canada Goose jacket. Moreover, take the political and social climate into account, too. Shirts with political slogans or provocative pictures might actually be against the law in some places. Do your research carefully before you begin sorting through your belongings.

The second thing you have to do is to be ruthless. Haven’t worn that outfit in over a year? Donate it. You’ll have weight limits on your suitcase, so you can’t take everything. Start a cull as far in advance as possible of your move to make things less stressful.

If you’re shipping furniture or other household goods, remember that homes abroad might not be as spacious as those in Toronto. You might not have room for that baby grand piano your grandmother left you. Appliances aren’t always worth bringing, especially because they run on different voltage in other parts of the world.

Where Does This Go?

When you’re going from Toronto to moving overseas, you have to figure out what will come with you on the plane and what you’re shipping. Bear in mind that shipping by sea can take weeks, if not months. What things will you need immediately?

Your passport is vital. Don’t pack that anyplace but your carry-on. You’ll also need any other kinds of documents that prove you have a right to enter the country, such as visas, rental agreements or work permits. Don’t forget to bring any prescription medication, glasses or contacts on the plane. Make sure your laptop or tablet comes with in your carry-on, too.

The above advice sounds incredibly obvious, right? However, when we’re stressed or excited, we often forget simple things (such as packing the medicine we take on a daily basis in an accessible place). Make a list of things you’ll need once you arrive and check them off as they go in your suitcase or carry-on.

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By Adi Shaked