G’Day Mate! If you want to live in the land down under, even if it’s just for a year, it can be stressful not knowing what to pack and what to leave in storage. First determine which items are better to rent or buy when in Australia. Next think about how you’ll be spending your time to determine what items are must haves and which are nice to haves.

Before you leave, find out if where you’re staying supplies items like furniture and pots and pans to avoid shipping items that you won’t need.


These are the basics for any trip, whether it’s for one week, one month, or a year. Make sure you have your Passport, your e-visa /copy of your e-visa acceptance email, your boarding passes, and any applicable print outs of where you’ll be staying. You’ll also need to bring any applicable tax information, visa information, your marriage license, birth certificate(s), immunization and medical records, travel insurance paperwork, and credit cards/ cash cards.

Packing Cubes

Using packing and storage cubes is a wonderful way to keep everything you need organized, accessible, and compact. This can help you organize items by importance, season, and even destination.


A recent price comparison study found that those living in Australia pay twice as much for their technology and technological devices than people in North America. Since this includes gadgets like phones, computers, software, and more, it’s better to buy at home and bring it with you. If you’re going to Australia for work or for play (or a combination of both) you’ll likely want a small laptop to help you search for local employment opportunities, connect with family back home, or work remotely. Don’t forget a solid case to prevent it from getting broken. Those who won’t need a full computer may favour an iPad instead. Avid readers will want to bring a Kindle or e-reader to stay on top of their reading lists without adding the bulk of physical books. Don’t forget to bring a power bank to charge your appliances and a universal adaptor that will work. Australian power runs on The Australian Type I power outlet and is one of the lesser used outlet types worldwide, so make sure you bring the right adapter to keep your electronics charged and ready to go.


What you ship for later (or send with friends and family who visit) will depend on what time of year and where in Australia you’re staying. Summer in Australia begins in December and the heat continues until the end of February, while winter is June 1 to the end of August. For summer you’ll want to make sure you pack: A peaked or bucket hat, flip flops (these are called thongs down under), sunglasses, swimsuit, light sweaters, slip on mesh water shoes, a beach towel, some t-shirts and shorts, skirts, dresses or trousers (whatever your preferred go to capsule wardrobe summer wear is), one or two items that are a little dressier in case you go somewhere formal, and a waterproof/windproof jacket for rainy season, and some running/hiking shoes and hiking trousers. Note that winter is a little warmer in Australia compared to most European countries and other areas in the Northern Hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need some warm gear. Pack a toque or cold weather hat, a pair of running shoes or light hiking boots, warm thermal socks, a scarf, thermal underwear (particularly if you’ll be hiking or camping), some favourite long sleeved and short-sleeved shirts and sweaters for layering, a warm coat, a raincoat/windbreaker, jeans, hiking trousers and again, a couple of dressier items to wear for job interviews or going out in the evening. Bikini/ swimsuit/ trunks. Don’t forget that you can purchase some items in Australia, but it’s best to bring some of your favourite and more specialized items from home.

Prescriptions & Medications

Shop for items like prescriptions and favourite over-the-counter medications before you leave, as name brands you rely on may not be as readily available, or available at all in Australia. Wear contacts? Stock up on your prescription to make sure you have an ample number of back-ups. In terms of prescription drugs, you will be permitted to take a three-month supply, but just remember to bring a copy of the physical prescription written in English, that confirms that this medicine has been prescribed to treat a medical condition.

Your Favourite Brands

If you’re brand loyal, it’s helpful to know which of your favourite products cost significantly more in Australia so you can complete a shop before you leave. According to Finder some of the brands that will cost you the most are Gap, MAC, Revlon, Brooks, Burton, Dickies, Levi’s, Sega, Apple, and Sony.


A water bottle with a built-in filter is a must have for anyone who is travelling and needs to keep hydrated. It’s cheaper to buy bottled wine in Australia than it is to buy bottled water, so save some money and the environment, and filter it yourself. This way you won’t ever need to worry about tap water being filtered and safe to drink.

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