California Dreamin’ isn’t just a song, it’s a mindset. California represents a better way of life and a world of potential opportunities to many. It’s no wonder so many people look to make the west coast their new home. Whether it’s the pursuit of warmer, dryer weather, more time with nature, fame and fortune, a diverse culture, education, or employment, particularly in the tech industry, there are many reasons why you might be contemplating a move to The Golden State.
Before you pack your bags and sunscreen there are important things you need to know before moving to California.

Big Business Opportunities

Since 2010 California alone is responsible for 20 percent of the US’s economic growth. The biggest industries in the state include technology, tourism (with Walt Disney Company being a huge player in the local employment industry), and agriculture. California grown products are huge, generating the most crops in the US. (

Wheels Are Essential

Not a fan of driving? California may not be for you. While San Francisco has the best public transit in the state, real estate prices reflect this service, so it may not be an option. California is the third largest state in the US (after Alaska and Texas) which means that most towns and cities are considered to have lower population communities, meaning public transit options aren’t great. Recent census data reveals that the average commute for those living in California is just under half an hour each way, so be prepared for the traffic. For those who want an eco-friendly commute the cities of San Francisco, Napa, and Santa Monica are known for being bicycle-friendly.

You Might Meet a Celebrity

The density of famous folk is heightened in California. Don’t be surprised if you run into someone while you’re in West L.A. or enjoying a hike or spiritual retreat at Joshua Tree National Park. You may want to act like a local and play it cool though – no autographs or selfies (that’s for tourists).

Where Post Secondary Education Dreams Come True

Do you want a wonderful education for yourself or your kids? Being able to take advantage of in-state tuition fees in California will provide access to the largest public university system in the US. California has over 400 universities and colleges including Stanford, California Institute of Technology, Pomona College, and many other highly sought educational institutions.

The Danger Factor

While it’s beautiful and sunny most of the time in California, there are some risks associated with living here. It can be dry and windy with fires, draught, and mudslides as possibilities that should be considered for your safety, and when purchasing your insurance. Southern California has around 10,000 earthquakes each year, although most of them are so tiny they aren’t felt. Roughly 15-20 each year are greater than a magnitude of 4.0 on the Richter scale. Crowding in cities makes it challenging to find kid-friendly places for them to run around and explore. In addition to cities, inner cities and some suburbs can be dangerous. The violent crime rate in California is ranked 16th nationally.

The Best Mexican Food Outside of Mexico

California Mexican cuisine is world-famous. From fast food chains to ‘it’ hot spots, anyone who enjoys Mexican food is in for a real treat.

Look at Your Budget Sheet Carefully

Money won’t go as far for you in California as it would in other states. Today the housing crisis makes it tricky to find an affordable place to live. According to CNBC, the cost of living score is 2 out of 50 possible points, with the average home price at $1,182,092. The cost of living in California is said to be 43 percent higher than the national average. Make sure you look at your financials closely, as a solid six-figure salary in California won’t go as far. Remember to look at the implication of both property taxes and income taxes in California when setting your budget for your out-of-state move.

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