What is the difference between the terms “International moving”, Overseas moving”, international removal” and” Overseas Relocation”?


International moving refers to moving services to another country. Although many moving companies claim to offer these services, very few actually have the “Know How” do to this properly. It takes many years of experience to know how to offer this services in a responsible manner. Clients need to relay on the international mover they have chosen to perform well and actually receive their goods at the other end in a timely manner, with no hassle and no damage.

Overseas moving is the same as International moving, However it refers to SEA shipments. International destinaiotns that are not accessible VIA truck.

International removal is a term that is not normally used in north America. It is the same as International moving. However, this term in used mainly in UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Overseas Relocation: when the word relocation is present, this typically tells us that there is a company relocation and employee versus a client moving to an international destination on their own.