Are there special boxes used for international moves?


While there are many moving companies who claim to specialize in International moves, very few have the knowledge base to know that it is extremely important to pack an international shipment with customs made extra strong boxes. In north America, most companies use standard single wall boxes with little glue holding the corrugated materials. This became a standard and the moving companies do not distinguish between local moves or long distance moves to International moves.

When shipping to an international destination, your boxes may get handled many times, often by non-movers. This is why the moving company needs to take extra steps to protect your belongings.

We actually traveled to various destinations worldwide and witnessed the way goods are being handled at the other side of the world. This led us to believe that we should make our own boxes. The boxes that need to be used for international shipment should be double wall boxes with extra strength – HANDS DOWN. Any other attempt may result in boxes getting tears in the shipping process due to the number of times the boxes are being handled.