Top 20 Myths About Moving Companies

When you think about moving companies, there are probably many different things that come to mind: boxes, trucks or employees in uniform. If you have some experience with hiring moving companies, there are also most likely a few myths which might pop up.

We’re here to deflate the top 20 myths that you may think about when you hear the words “moving company.”

  1. “They’re all the same.” No, not all moving companies are the same – there are huge differences between price, quality and service.
  2. “All moving companies use tricks on their customers.” Again, there companies out there which are honest and upfront with their clients, and there are those that aren’t.
  3. “Moving companies don’t know anything about customer service.” Yet another myth that needs busting – movers such as Orbit International Moving Logistics, Ltd. appreciate their clients and treat them with respect, courtesy and professionalism.
  4. “Movers won’t treat your things carefully.” Movers are paid to handle your belongings with care. If they didn’t do their job well, they’d be unemployed.
  5. “I have to pack everything myself.” This would depend on the specific moving service package you agree to. Many packages include packing services done by the movers.
  6. “Go with the cheapest quote.” This is a really bad idea. You might save money upfront, but when you discover that your belongings don’t arrive on time or are damaged, your mistake will end up costing you more.
  7. “Every quote covers the same thing.” Ask what a quote includes before selecting a moving company. You don’t want any surprises after all.
  8. “It doesn’t matter what kind of materials you use to pack your things.” This is only true if you don’t care what happens to your valuable belongings. Higher quality packing materials will protect your items during transfer.
  9. “With all of the current advances in transportation, your stuff should get there really quickly.” If you’re shipping packages internationally, it can take weeks and weeks for boxes to arrive. Many people don’t realize this.
  10. “Insurance is a waste of money.” Not so. What is actually a waste of money is paying to replace expensive or valuable items that were damaged during shipping.
  11. “You can ship whatever you’d like, as long as you pay for it.” This statement doesn’t apply to certain items such as food, drugs, pornography or ammunition.
  12. “I don’t need to be present for customs clearance in Canada.” Actually, you do. The moving company cannot clear Canadian customs for you.
  13. “It doesn’t matter what time of the year I move.” Summer is the busiest season for moving, because many families try to move at that time to avoid disrupting school. Winter moving has its own physical challenges to deal with, depending on where you live.
  14. “I can get all-risk insurance if I pack everything myself.” Forget mythical, this statement is flat out wrong. You’re ineligible for all-risk insurance if you pack everything yourself.
  15. “I can book movers at the last possible minute, and everything will work out.” You can’t expect to arrange a long distance move a few days or even a couple of weeks in advance, that’s for sure. It requires longer range planning and preparation.
  16. “References and testimonials aren’t important.” They’re only unimportant if you don’t care about the quality of the moving company you choose.
  17. “Moving companies have control over the timeline.” Events can take place that are outside of anyone’s control, such as ship delays. Don’t expect the timeline to be written in stone.
  18. “The port will always be open and available.” Certain ports around the world are known for strikes taking place frequently. The moving company can’t do anything about that, but it can at least let you know before the move takes place.
  19. “I’m only able to ship if I’ve got enough items for a full container.” If you don’t have a full container, the moving company can ship your things with someone else’s shipment.
  20. “Moving is always a stressful experience.” It can be, but choosing the right company is all about minimizing stress during a move.

When you choose Orbit, moving is not a stressful experience! Our personalized, professional and courteous customer service guarantees a pleasant move, no matter where you’re relocating to.