Three Cross-Country Moving Tips


Moving to a new home across the country requires considerably more effort and money than moving across town does. You have to ship or transport all of your belongings thousands of miles away, and you have to keep all of your belongings safe. This can be pretty challenging on top of everything else you have to do to make your transition to your new home smooth. If you’re moving across the country for the first time, you may be wondering exactly what you can do to make things easier for yourself. Here are three tips to help you out as you prepare for and make the big move:


1. Don’t try to take it all with you – You probably don’t want to part with some of your personal belongings, but you should. The more stuff you try to take with you when you move, the more difficult the move’s going to be. So, go through everything you own and decide what you want to get rid of. You may want to consider how much it would cost to transport your heavier items and whether or not it would be more cost effective to just replace them when you to your new home.


2. Pick the right moving company – There are tons of moving companies that can help you transport your personal belongings and furniture. Those moving companies will differ in terms of price and quality. It’s wise to do some online research of moving companies that specialize in cross-country moves. These moving companies will usually cost less than moving companies that ordinarily just handle local and regional moves. Be sure to read online reviews before committing to any particular company. You don’t want to end up with damaged furniture and other belongings because you picked a less-than-reputable moving company.


3. Consider shipping your car – You may not have time for a 24-hour road trip to your new home. Shipping your car will save you the trouble and time of having to drive it across the country. You may want to calculate how much it would cost in terms of gas and lodging to drive your car across the country versus how much it would cost to have it shipped. If you decide that shipping your car is better for your particular situation, you should research car shipping companies online. There are a number of reputable car shipping companies that will transport your car safely to your new home and save you some extra effort.


How much you take with you to your new home is important and so is who you trust to transport all of your belongings. So, leave some things behind and find the best companies to help you with your move!


Author’s Bio: Ryan Franklin is a guest blogger on the subjects of relocation, staying organized while moving, and finding the best long distance movers.