Improved Customs Rights for New Immigrants (Olim Hadashim) and Returning residents (Toshav Hozer) to Israel

The following items, which were not previously exempt from taxes, are now tax exempt (for Olim and Toshvim Hozrim):


  • Indoor exercise equipment (Treadmills, Exercise Bicycles)


  • Camping Equipment


  • One each of small household electronics


  • Two Air Conditioners


  • Television Games (x-Box, etc…)


  • One Fax Machine


  • Outdoor (Garden) Furniture / Patio Swings


Please note: the following items are not tax exempt and are still taxable:


  • Outdoor goods, like storage sheds, swimming pools, etc.


  • Garbage disposals.


Changes in Toshvim Hozrim Rights and Status


Toshavim Hozerim who arrive in Israel on or after 1 October 2012, will no longer receive a discount for importing or buying a new car.


As of 1 October 2012, there will only be one status for Toshavim Hozerim who return after more than 2 years with rights similar to olim chadashim with the following differences:


  • Two shipments of household goods can be imported by international transport within 9 months of arrival in Israel


  • No discount on taxes for vehicle.