” Hi Adi, thanks for your interest, in following up our consignment from Canada..

The local agent Ceva Logistics were very good, coordinating to get the paperwork sorted, and for liaising with my wife, especially as she was returning from holiday, to make sure the container arrived at the best possible time for us……which it did.

Ceva had a small army of people to unload, unpack, and assemble those things we needed assembling. They managed all of this without issue, and took away all the original packing materials.

I have to say it’s all gone very well. We very happy with the end to end service……the care, and attention to detail in Canada, ensuring all our things were carefully and expertly packed, despite the freezing temperatures and snow, the progress updates as our container made its way here, through to the prompt arrival here in Oman, clearing through customs and the local services provided by Ceva. All very efficient, on time, and safe.

We would have no trouble recommending your services in the future.

thanks “

Paul Stringer