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An office relocation can be a daunting task, impacting numerous stakeholders within your business. But with Orbit Moving by your side, you can achieve a smooth transition into your new office space with our corporate relocation services

If you are planning to move to a new office, this comprehensive office relocation checklist will help your office moving project stay on track:

Preliminary Planning

  • Review your current commercial property lease agreement to ensure you meet all requirements regarding repairs and upkeep, notice, and the return of keys. Add these items to your business relocation checklist and timeline. Have a lawyer review these items to determine that you have met all current lease and notice requirements.

  • Create a planning team with a project manager in charge to meet regularly, delegate tasks, and handle various aspects of the relocation, including the budget, securing new space, and the move itself.

  • Set your budget for your new location and the move and get approval through the required channels.

  • Find and secure a new space to meet your needs today and tomorrow. This would include opportunities for growth and expansion as needed. Have a lawyer review your new leasing/sale agreement. 

Office Moving Checklist: Preparation

  • Get quotes for office relocations from at least three moving companies, including packing services and select the full-service moving company you want to work with. Determine the exact needs including moving insurance, elevator booking at both facilities, etc., particularly if your move involves expansive equipment or machines.
  • Coordinate with IT for your computer, internet and phone installation needs. It’s important to have a plan to relocate your computer equipment and connections with minimal service interruptions. Also, remember to back up data before the move to ensure no data is breached, compromised, or lost.

  • Get the required floor plans of your new space to determine the layout, repairs, renovations, set-up, and any purchases required before your move.

  • Order any needed furniture and supplies and coordinate delivery at a convenient time around your move.

  • Arrange site visits to the new space to take measurements for set up and inspect the area.

  • Set your moving date and communicate the plans to your team leaders.

  • Begin a list of who will need your new address, how to change your address with various vendors and clients, and how you will communicate the change to a new office location to all stakeholders.

  • Arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your new office address.

  • Warn stakeholders about any scheduled service interruptions before the move, including setting voicemail and website notices of any closures or delays.

Preparing Your Staff for the Move

  • Communicate with your team regularly to provide updates on the move, including their responsibilities regarding their personal belongings and the timeline.  

  • Obtain the new building rules and information about parking to share with staff.

  • Coordinate new building passes, parking passes and keys for staff (and turn in old ones).

  • Arrange to clear out items you do not want to move with you (this includes securing the disposal or sale of old office supplies, donations, wiping of old computer drives, and arrangements to shredding of old documents). Sometimes it is helpful to have a staff cleaning day about a month before the move to clear out these items and ensure you won’t be moving items you don’t need. Clear the shredding of any financial records with accounting to ensure you keep what is legally required available for tax purposes.

  • Update your address everywhere, including: 

    • Letterhead, envelopes, and stationary 
    • Website & online (don’t forget to contact Google to have your listing changed before your relocation) 
    • Social media 
    • Business cards
  • Set a staggered schedule to allow staff to set up their offices and cubicles to allow for minimal interruptions post-move.


Congratulate your team on a job well done! At Orbit Moving, we understand the importance of acknowledging and appreciating your staff’s hard work during the relocation process. 

As a small gesture of gratitude, why not treat your team to a delicious pizza lunch during the week of the move? It’s a fantastic way to show appreciation for their efforts and celebrate a smooth transition. Let Orbit Moving handle the logistics while you focus on recognizing and rewarding your dedicated staff. Together, let’s make your move a cause for celebration!

Orbit Moving: Your Office Relocation Expert

Our expert team understands the unique challenges of both local and long-distance moving. Whether your new office space is down the street, across town or across borders, we are equipped to handle all the logistics of a local or overseas move. From creating a comprehensive checklist to securing the right team, we ensure every detail is taken care of. With ample time and our professional guidance, your office move will be a seamless success. 

To learn more about how the Orbit moving team can help you, call us at 416-661-4228.

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