With any move, a thorough checklist will help you transition to your new home smoothly. Whether moving to Portugal is for employment or retirement, this checklist will keep you organized and prepared for your transition into the land of pristine beaches and Cristiano Ronaldo.


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Six to 12 Months Prior to Your Move

  • Make sure you (and anyone moving with you) have a valid passport 
  • Apply for a Visa for yourself and/or any applicable family members – the different types of Visas available include employment, study, family, or to purchase property 
  • Research whether you need an international driving license 
  • Check how your pension and benefits contributions will be recognized in Portugal 
  • Research the city where you plan to relocate  
  • Make a budget using cost of living calculators and information on food, transportation, and accommodation costs of your selected city 
  • Make a moving budget and a living budget to cover the first six months to a year of your stay  
  • Contact international movers to get pricing and options for your move 


A Few Months Before Your Move

  • Check in with the Centre for Disease Control site to see if you need to get any vaccines before you travel and, if you do, book them through your doctor  
  • Book your flight 
  • Book a short-term rental to help you get settled in and wait for your items to arrive from overseas  
  • Secure your international moving company and pay any applicable deposits. Note that your personal items must arrive in Portugal within 90 days of when you do. To avoid being held up at customs your items must be documented in a complete inventory, which reputable movers will be able to easily provide for you as a part of their standard service. 
  • Secure travel insurance, medical insurance, etc. 
  • Research rules on moving your pet with you (or focus on finding a local home for your pet before your move).  Note that Portugal is said to be more flexible in the ability to relocate your pet with you compared to many other countries 
  • Start working on improving your Portuguese 
  • Plan to rent or sell your home or give notice to your landlord 
  • Get medical and dental appointments for you and your family before you leave and, at these appointments, secure copies of the records to bring with you on your move  
  • Sell any major appliances or vehicles you will not be taking with you or arrange for storage 


A Month Before Your Move

  • Arrange for banking in Portugal 
  • Contact your credit card companies and let them know about your move 
  • Arrange to have your mail forwarded to you via post office box if you have not secured a permanent address yet 
  • Begin Packing 
  • Sort out what electric outlet converters you’ll need and purchase them 
  • Book a rental car from the airport if applicable 
  • If you require a job, begin your search online 
  • Cancel subscriptions, utilities, oil, gas, water, newspapers etc. 

Euro for moving to Portugal checklist

 The Week of your Move

  • Check your flight status 
  • Pay all outstanding loans and debts 
  • Visit family and friends to say goodbye 
  • Ensure your cell phone plan will allow you to connect with people back home 
  • Get some Euros in preparation for your move 


The First Few Weeks Post Move

  • Research local transportation options that will work for you and purchase or lease a vehicle if applicable 
  • Seek out local grocery stores, things to do, and restaurants 
  • Secure a longer-term rental to live 
  • Research visa extensions as needed 
  • Send your new permanent contact address to friends and family 
  • Set up your internet, long term cell phone plan, cable, utilities etc. at your new home 
  • Enjoy everything Portugal has to offer! 



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